You’ve Got What It Takes

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I watch videos of unbelievable things happening in the world. I am always glued at the extra ordinary. A lot of times I have watched people with disabilities doing things that I wouldn’t imagine they would, like a person without all four limbs swimming, a blind person playing the piano, a deaf person dancing to some beat. You get the drift right? That they have gone for it, despite the challenge, despite the; disadvantage’ makes me asks many questions, how much mores should I do? How much more should you do? What is stopping you? Do you feel like you do not have what it takes? It doesn’t mean that you are better than those with disabilities, it means that they can be used to challenge you. To open your eyes.

You have been rejected because you did not come in their preferred package. You were overlooked because your skin colour did not meet their standards. People keep reminding you of how short you are, and how you are missing out on some opportunities. There are those who pint out your teeth, your nose, your ears; some part of your body that, according to them, does not flatter. I have been broken before by comments made about me, I was once told that I’m just made up of bones, and no man would look at me twice. It destroyed my esteem for some time. People may be joking around you about something specific in your life, that you have no control over, you have been laughing with them but when alone, you shed tears. You have sometimes thought you would be better off with some adjustments done to your body…

Today I came to remind you that, there’s nothing you needed that God did not create you with. No one is perfect, but we are perfectly made to fulfill a specific purpose. I got to understand that God made me exactly how I look so that I do exactly what he created me to do. But the devil wants me to compare myself to others, looking at specific areas and feeling unworthy and unfit to fulfill my purpose. God says in His word that He had a purpose and plan for each one of us before we were born. God does not make mistakes, so it is not a mistake that you look like that, that you born in that family, that you have only come this far. You are able to fulfill your purpose just the way you are. In fact God calls you His special possession. (1 Peter 2:9)

You may not have the highest form of education, but you have all it takes. You may not have the five years of experience everyone else has, but you have all it takes. You may not be as talented or gifted, but you have all it takes. You do not have all it takes to run anyone else’s race. You have all it takes to run your race and fulfill the purpose for which you were created. So don’t look down upon yourself. You don’t need to change anything. You already are perfect for the job. Created through Him, and For Him. Colossians 1:16


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