Your friends are LOUD!


Yes, its official. My friends have been branded ‘LOUD’. I don’t mind. But the princess is starting to get concerned. Do I think she is right? no, when I meet my very good close friends, we talk, about everything and anything. For what she can hear she stays around,and for what is not fit for her ears, we give her work to do, or something cool to watch. Other times she waits until no one is paying attention to her, and sneaks out. Don’t picture me talking to a big crowd of ladies, mostly I’m just hanging out with one or two people, and we are not usually that loud. (I’m a quite person, no. Very quite and collected person)

I know you want me to list names of this loud people, I wish i could. but the list of what not to write keeps getting longer. almost every time I meet up with a friend, family member or colleague for a chat, (which she somehow becomes part of) I get a comprehensive report afterwards. she wont talk much, she will just be there smiling when talked to and then act so busy. Might even grab a newspaper upside down an pretend to be so into the ‘Joho chronicles’, but the girl is all ears. After the chat, I’ m always told that my child is so disciplined and quite. Then two steps away, the quite girls tells me all her thoughts about the individual. So lets evaluate some of the thoughts I can remember, this is more interesting for me because I know who exactly we are talking about. guess what, this are just talks and random chats of not more than an hour, when she goes for sleep overs, I wish I could record the findings and put them down on paper!

The positive ones include, ‘that one smells good’ ‘she is so fashionable’, ‘this one always carries nice snacks for me’, ‘her house is so clean’ (don’t raise your eye browns, mine is clean too) ‘nice phone’ ‘nice car’ ‘always happy’ ‘so funny’ ‘loves God’. The other side of the coin includes, of course ‘too loud’ too wordy’ too touchy’ ‘takes my things without permission’ ‘the breath stinks’ complains a lot’ ‘is lazy’ is too sad and gloomy’ ‘always broke’ ‘messy!’

All this she gets just by being around me. Of course in the presence of my loud friends! I don’t ask for her feedback, sometimes I don’t even think she is interested in the conversations, but she has appointed herself and is faithful at it. By the way, she imitates some too; every time I threaten to tell them, but she makes me promise not to say a word. Now that I know she is on a mission, I have become wiser.

I am learning not to assume she is busy and not really ‘there’. Children hear our conversations and they understand. everything we say in their presence gets to them, even when they are watching cartoon or busy doing their homework. sometimes we forget their presence and say too much, we go too deep, exposing things that rip off their innocent brains. We talk ill about our families in their presence, then wonder why they don’t respect their uncles! We even talk ill of our bosses, and colleagues thinking its none of their business. Yet, we are teaching them to complain, gossip and disrespect authority.

I am learning to show her the importance of having Godly conversations. That if she must be there, and is busy listening with one ear and watching cartoon with the other, then she better listen to stuff that build her. then she better admire my friends and make friends who will build her too. then we better be loud and impact her life positively!

To my loud friends, please don’t call me asking what she says about you. I love you too.

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