Your Father Might Be Bragging…

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Growing up my dad used to make us sing for visitors. It was something he enjoyed as a music teacher, something almost all f us did NOT enjoy. I think he overdid it, no wonder none of us pursued music. So, anyone who would come visit us, especially, relatives from the city, would get some free entertainment from Mr. Kidula’s five children. Let me give you some background: My father was always training choirs all over the country, so anytime he had a song to teach, he used our voices as the dummies. He sat us down and gave us the lyrics and tunes. It was fun; SOMETIMES. So when visitors came, he bragged about us and called us to sing for them. Looking back, I think those were precious moments, even though we hated it at the time. Also, the experience made us understand music a little bit. At least I know when someone sings off key.

It feels good when someone who knows you brags about you in your absence. When they tell others how amazing you are. When they talk about how strong and talented you are. It means they are on your side, it means they believe in you and in what you do. At times however, it can mean standing against storms to remain steadfast in who you are: Ask Job.

Do you know that all that Job went through in the book of Job was caused by God bragging about him to satan. In Job 1:8 The LORD said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil.” Nice words! Right? I would be so happy if God says that about me. That means I am a good and faithful servant, and the one who knows me inside out confidently affirms it. But, sometimes it means, more storms. For Job, it was devastating, he lost everything in a very short span and was left sick. Even his friends tried to make him denounce God. But He confidently stood firm on what he knew. “For I know that my Redeemer lives, And He shall stand at last on the earth.” (Job 19:25 )

Today you may be going through very hard times, you may be feeling forsaken and alone. The situation you are in might be very uncomfortable, yet you have been serving God and praying day and night. You may be asking God, ‘Why?’ please pause… What if your father in heaven has been bragging about you? What if He has just said you are strong and capable. What if He has said that you will not let go, your eyes will remain fixed on Him no matter what? What if? What if satan is trying to prove God wrong? Just, what if? What if you have stood out as a man or woman who knows their God, the one who is truly connected to the true vine. What if God has told satan, I have a remnant, my son, my daughter, will not despair, they will not be discouraged, no matter what you try. Wait.. what if God has allowed satan to bring storms your way just for it to be known that there is a remnant in the world we are living in?

Take heart my friend. God has given you all you need today to overcome every temptation and go through every trial. Keep your focus on Him. There is nothing that can surprise our God, He is so aware! Nothing happens that He has not allowed. It is all working out for your good. When you feel like giving up, smile and say this: “My Father might be bragging about me, I will stand!”


6 thoughts on “Your Father Might Be Bragging…

  1. Chaaaiii! What an encouragement!
    What if God is bragging about ‘you’?

    Let me share with a sister I am walking with, thank you for this reminder.

  2. I thought only my dad did that…. true when God is proud about his children he brags about them. He also knows what he deposited in you. May we draw strength from Him.

  3. WOW!!
    Of all the blog posts I have read from you, this one just ministered to me in a personal way. I am encouraged to run the race, with eyes fixed on Christ. It isn’t easy but I will hold on.
    God bless you.

  4. Amen! I have been through this storm and am still in it! I believe God is working it out for my good

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