You Will Get Past This

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In a parenting seminar once, the facilitator told the parents, ‘you will get past it’. Wait I had not planned to attend the session, I just escorted a friend, I was supposed to leave after a few minutes but the key note speaker caught my attention. Parenting can be hectic, very hectic. At that time I was still single, so I had a load in my heart, the things I was doing wrong, the doubts I had, the challenges here and there, getting overwhelmed by ‘everything’ thinking there’s something wrong with me; the loneliness, the emptiness, the fatigue, the regrets. I had a load. But those words kept me ‘you will get past it’ she told us to think about any time we had been ‘stuck’, but God made a way.

It struck me that so many times I had gotten past it. There are moments I wondered how I would pull through, how I will get to work, how I will make it through the month, where I will get the food, how the future will be. But God always made a way. I cannot even remember how God sorted me in some cases; all I can say is that He did. He did show up. The evidence is everywhere; but most importantly in the fact that I am alive. The storm did not drown me, it did not stop me, I made it through God’s grace. So I am encouraged that the challenges I am facing right now, I will get past it. The same God, who made a way five years ago, will make a way today. He is the same yesterday today and forever.

Maybe you need to remember your past struggles. Things that drowned others did not drown you. Things that cause others to give up did not stop you. You are still here. You are alive. As you read this, you may be at your worst, you may be having so many questions about life, no one may understand you now, and you may be feeling neglected and alone. It may not make sense right now; maybe even the Bible does not make sense to you. But, I need you to know that ‘You will get past this’ it is not permanent. Hold on to Isaiah 43:19 ‘I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.’ God will make a way. Hold on. You will get past it.


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