You Have Stayed Here Long Enough

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The children of Israel had already been given the promised land, but they stayed in the wilderness for forty years. This is because of their wayward thinking; they did not trust God even after years of witnessing His miracles.  Moses warned the new generation of Israelites against making the same mistakes that had been made by the older generation. The Lord spoke to them at Horeb saying, ‘You have stayed long enough at this mountain.’

Your attitude and thinking can make you overstay in an unpleasant situation. God has not called any of us to live in a desert forever. Seasons of life cause us to have desert experiences, but we are not meant to stay there. The children of Israel already had the promise, but they did not trust, they did not believe, they even worshiped other gods and blamed God for their situation. How long have you been in the wilderness?

It’s time for us to change the way we think and change our perspectives, say no to complacency and mediocrity. Rebelling against God’s command will keep you in the wilderness longer than you were meant to. Maybe your past behaviors are haunting you, making you desire to go back. Maybe you have been hardening your heart to God’s voice and deliberately choosing to sin: Today is the day of change, this is the day of progress, you have been in the dry land for too long. All it takes is to do exactly what God tells you to do, even when it does not make sense. He is the only one who knows the way out of the desert.

I pray that the Lord will help us all change our perspectives and walk into our promised land. That we will let go of our normal way of doing things, and heed to His instruction and direction. May we not spend one more day in the wilderness because of of our stubbornness, but be quick to obey our way out. You have been on the mountain for too long, arise and walk out in obedience.


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