You Have it With You

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In all of the primary school English books I read, I loved “Hello Children” well, if you know this book then we are age mates, or of the same decade. It is no longer used in the Kenyan school’s curriculum. The book was designed for a young mind, in their first steps of learning English. It revolves around Mr. Kamau’s family. He had a wife, Mrs Kamau, and they had three children: Tom, Mary and Peter. The family did their everyday activities and some of the stories are stuck with me.

One day, Tom lost his pen, okay for every reader we see the pen stuck under his ear, so we could see it. But he couldn’t find it, he searched for it everywhere, he asked everyone if they had seen it and they all said no, he even asked their cat. Well, he later on found his pen and realized all this time, he had it with him. It was right where he kept it, and in fact he kept it there not to forget it. I still tell this story especially when people around me forget things in a similar manner.

In Luke 15: 11-32 we learn about a son who forgot something precious. Well the story mostly focuses on the lost son who asks for his share of the estate and left the home. That one we know too well, he even came back and was received very well. In verse 28 we meet his elder brother, who was very angry at the time, angry that his younger brother was well welcomed back home. The father went to plead with him and reminded him something precious. “My son,’ the father said, ‘you are always with me, and everything I have is yours.” This means that he had forgotten his value, he had forgotten what is right there with him. He had forgotten that when his younger brother left, he did not leave with everything. In fact everything in the estate belonged to him.

Is this how we behave at times, forgetting who we really are. That we can identify as members of the household, children of God, saved; but never enter the heart of the household, but never behave like we really belong, but never use the privileges of the household, we never really come inside, we are busy making sure everything is done around the household but never really come inside. We can have access to God’s grace, but not receive it. We can have access to His power, but not believe in it. We can have access to God’s love, but take it for granted. Then when we see others who have been lost for years come and immediately obtain His mercy, we get angry, wondering why they are being loved yet we have been around all the time. Well, we may have been around all this time, but your heart is not present. You have had the access to every good thing but you don’t take advantage of it. You have forgotten what is right there with you.

Child of God, be assured today, that the privilege is yours. The promises are yours. Do not forget what is right there with you. Everything is yours. You have it with you.


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