You can now talk to strangers.

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From the time I was young, my parents often warned me against talking to strangers; for obvious security reasons. I would run away from relatives I did not know and go mute when strangers tried to talk to me. I have done the same for my daughter, of course for her the strangers are not at the river side or on the way to the farm, but mostly on the internet. This is a great precaution for young children, but who gives us permission to start talking to strangers? My parents never told me ‘now you can speak to strangers!’ but I speak to strangers so often.

The reason why many of us avoid interacting with strangers especially in evangelism is because of the fear of being attacked. I would rather go for a date with a guy I have only met on social media, I would rather even invite them to my house, than go to the next door and share with my neighbours about Christ. There are so many people in need around us, we even have programs in ministries where we can give and support the needy amongst us. But we still come up with excuses including ‘I don’t talk to strangers, I might be attacked’ and ‘these beggars are not genuine’

When Jesus said ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself’ He was giving us permission to talk and care for the stranger among us. The Good Samaritan is an example of a person doing all he could to help someone in need. He did not care about the man’s second name, his tribe, the church he goes to; he was probably heading somewhere, he had probably budgeted for the money he used on him. But when he saw the need, he forgot about himself. He even promised to be back. He saw it, felt it and did something about it.

After seeing the needs around you, do you feel the need? Do you feel other people’s needs in a manner that causes you to forget about yourself? After feeling the need, do you do anything about it? Everything we have comes from God, and He says ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me’ It is so easy to be so blinded by our blessings so as not to see other people’s needs. We pass them daily, we scroll past their posts daily, they are trying to get our attention, but we are busy focusing on ourselves: Our own pain, our own needs, our own suffering; it’s all about ‘me’. At times we open doors for our blessings through being a blessing to someone else. No one is too poor to give. You can now talk to strangers! We cannot show God’s love without talking to strangers.

May the Lord open our eyes to see, feel and act on the needs of the people around us. May the Lord give us the courage to talk to strangers.


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