You are stronger than you think

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I do a lot of one-on-one mentorship and counseling here and there. A few years ago, I was introduced to this young lady who was almost with university; she needed advice and direction on her career path. Well, I loved talking to her; she was so passionate and knowledgeable; for a moment I wished I knew as much as she did when I was her age. I was impressed by her readiness to learn and grow. So we made a list of a few things she needed to do before graduating and even after. I was confident that she was strong enough for the life after campus. Two weeks after her graduation she called me back. This time she was in tears, I no longer felt the confidence in her voice, something was definitely wrong. I first thought it was a heartbreak. I asked her what the issue was and she said ‘It’s been two weeks since I graduated and I have not found any job! I just want to die!’ 

I totally understood her frustration because I had once been there. However I thought that it was too early for her to give up. I told her about my friends who had been jobless for years after graduation then God led them to other careers that they were thriving in, about those who got jobs immediately then got fired, about those who got jobs after a year and are doing well. We prayed together and asked God to order her steps and keep her strong. Well, we lost touch for some time until yesterday, when she called me thanking me for reminding her that she is ‘stronger than she thinks’ She got a good job few months after our ‘I want to die’ conversation and started wondering why she was so worried about it.

My friend, there is a possibility that some people committed suicide after going through less than you are going through. There is a possibility that some people gave up on business ideas after their first attempt, yet their second attempt might have worked. There is a possibility that some marriages have broken because of things you went through and came out stronger. Today I want you to know that you are stronger than you think. It is too soon to give up. Help is on the way. You may not be where you wanted to be at this point in your life, you may not have made the progress you thought you would have made, you may not have what your peers are having. Maybe it has been decades, years, months or days, it doesn’t matter. It is still too early to give up because you are stronger than you think.

David was a man who went through so many trials and tribulations; he was attacked from every corner. But he did not back out. In Psalm 27, he expresses his confidence in the Lord ‘The LORD is my light and my salvation– whom shall I fear?’ He admits that trouble may come and life can be tough, but he finds his strength and confidence in the Lord. Oh Yes! On our own we are not strong at all. But in Christ we are stronger than we think, because He is our strength. Do not give up now, do not be discouraged. Joy is coming in the morning; we shall live to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.


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