Yes. But How?

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Every time I get on a taxi, I like striking conversations with the driver. We talk about anything and everything. I have heard stories of people who resigned from office jobs and are now taxi drivers and loving it. I once had a lady driver who told me how she is balancing being a mother and a driver, how she has to be back home before the kids come from school. She was an inspiration. Then there was this man whose wife had left him because he had no job, she woke up, took the kids and left. So the man got into the taxi business and started earning a living, paying the children’s school fees; So on the day we met, the wife had returned asking for forgiveness; after six years. What a conversation! I wished we were going to Mombasa so that we talk everything out and pray.

Recently I was on one again, this time we were on a very bad road. I was late for a meeting and the roads were making everything worse. The driver seemed very quiet, I did not know how to start a conversation and then it hit me: This bad road! So I asked if there were any hopes of the road being tarmacked, and how people living in that area survived during rainy seasons. That was it, the man got furious, he lamented how that road makes him sick and then he started talking about the government. He reminded me how people danced during the campaign season, with hopes that the roads will be better, how life would be better. He went on and on and expressed his disappointment on the national government and the county government. Now he was getting emotional and angry. He named all his leaders, I think he is one of the few people I have met who can name their MP and MCA.

You should have seen my face; I was thinking of how to encourage this man, because I share the same sentiments. I tried remembering all the verses on leadership, but they all disappeared. So I said ‘we need to keep praying for this nation’ he looked at me and said ‘How? We have prayed for our leaders, we have prayed for wisdom, we have prayed for peace, we have prayed for everything in this nation. How else can we pray?’ If you can translate that to Swahili, please do. It came out so raw and blunt in Swahili. Apparently he was also a Christian, and he told me every time he goes to church and it’s time to pray for the nation, he sits down and watches people pray, because he has prayed all his prayers for Kenya.

Rawder suddenly remembered all the verses she was looking for, I reminded him that God commands us to submit to all authority because it comes from Him. (Romans 13:1) I also talked about God’s command to pray for kings and all in authority (1 Timothy 2:2) I went on and on and realized the man was not even paying attention. So I checked for his name on the phone app, called it out and reminded him that there is peace in Kenya. Something we cannot take for granted. That despite all that we do not have as a nation, God has given us peace. Then I said something that I have never said before: ‘If it is very hard for someone to obey God’s word, then the problem is not the command, the problem is the person.’ We have reasons why our leaders do not deserve to be prayed for, sometimes our prayers don’t seem to be working, and things seem to be getting worse. It’s time to pray for yourself as a Kenyan, that God will help you pray.

When God said we should pray for the leaders, he did not say, ‘pray only when they build the roads’ or ‘pray only when they manage to make Kenya corruption free’ no. We are supposed to pray for our nation and our leaders always. The more frustrations we face as a nation, the more prayers we need. We cannot give up on prayer. When we get tired, we ask the Holy Spirit our helper to help us pray. Pray for the church to stand firm in prayer and not conform to the patterns of this world. Kenya is not doing well, but were it not for the Lord, it could have been worse. So let’s keep praying. When we are too tired to stand, let’s kneel and continue praying. The Lord is faithful. He will heal our land. May He have mercy on us: May He remember Kenya.

So my friend said that he will try. He also agreed to be making a prayer every time he found himself in such a bad road, and instead of just complaining with the passengers, he will encourage them to pray. I arrived at my destination thanking God for those bad roads because of the opportunity to talk with the driver. God had also encouraged me, that the situations around me do not change His word. I should keep praying for Kenya. Write down the names of all leaders and pray for them. Pray for the counties. Pray for Kenyans. Pray for myself. It is hard, but there’s a reason why God made you read this. It is your responsibility to pray.

May the Lord help us all.


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