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Recently a friend posted a photo on her Facebook timeline, in the photo were a group of ladies in what seemed like a fellowship. My eyes stared at one of the ladies on the photo, was it who I was thinking she was? I had to find out, so I made a call and confirmed. It was a former school mate.  Immediately I commented, ‘so we all got saved?’ So I knew the lady from high school, she was one of the members of some cool gang and was not serious with God, I actually looked up to her at times, just wanting to be cool like she was. I don’t remember seeing her in the Christian union even once, for lack of a better word, she qualified as a ‘bad girl’ but in the photo, I was told she was a member of praise and worship team in church and a very committed Christian. If you asked me in High school if this lady would get saved, I would tell you to stop praying for her, it was impossible in my eyes. Some usually say the same about me as well.

I have also seen many people from campus make a sudden U-turn in their lives. Even becoming pastors! Some cases I had mentally written off are some of my inspirations today. I have come to believe that there’s no one who cannot be transformed by God. Even those who prosecute Christians. Look at Paul, sometime it is very hard to imagine that he was once Saul. Another example is Nineveh, Jonah was waiting on top of a hill to see how Nineveh would be destroyed, because they were wicked, he had written them off and had come with a message that Nineveh will perish in forty days. But God had mercy on them and forgave them. God offered grace where there was no hope, he redeemed Nineveh even though they did not deserve it; that is who God is, He even sent his only son to die on the cross for people who deserved death. That includes you and I.

We also see many situations in the Bible that were written off, but God brought life. Lazarus is always my perfect example, because he was dead and buried but walked out of the tomb. Many had already written him off, his own sister told Jesus, ‘If you had been here, my brother would still be alive’ (John 11)

Personally I once had no hope in my life, I knew it was the end of me, no future, dead dreams, disappointed everyone around me, but God. He who is slow to anger and abinding in love, graciously rescued me and gave me many more chances. He gave me a testimony and made my life beautiful.

Today look at that neighbor you have written off, that relative, that colleague, and start praying for them again. No matter how far they are from the truth, God is able to redeem them and give them brand new lives. Look at that situation, the dream that is dead and buried. Start praying again, start declaring life. God does not write off any situation, He does not abandon the work of His hands. He is faithful to redeem and resurrect. Stay hopeful


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