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Yesterday I found my 2014 journal in a pile of books. Let me give you some background, I write everything. From how my day was to my prayers, to sermon notes, to my dreams and desires, to my to do list, my pain, my joy, my failures, my victories, my falling in love, my heartbreaks. Everything. I express myself better in writing than talking, but be warned, it can get really tough and brutal. My words have brought life, made some smile, encouraged, uplifted, prophesied and made some positive impact. They have also crushed, hurt, discouraged, angered, pained, stained and tainted. I sometimes avoid answering texts because I know that I could cause more harm than good. All in all, I have learnt the power of words, and for me written words.

So in 2014 I wrote many things, I have gone through most of this large book and the words of 10th July 2014 caught my eye. As I read, I remembered the pain and discouragement; I remembered the hopelessness in me. I had spent time looking at myself, my past, the mistakes and they all did not compare to what I was asking God for. So after a page of lamenting to God, I opened the next page only to find some powerful words I made concerning the man that would marry me, remember at this time, I had no idea who it was going to be. In fact, the previous pages had enough reasons why I might never get married. I was low. So I wrote by faith, I wrote the opposite of what I felt. But Rawder, I don’t have great faith like yours? You may ask. The answer is, I did not have great faith either, in fact I just wrote as though I was asking for too much which will never happen. But I wrote in Jesus’ Name.

I went through many prayers I had made in writing, it was not just about a husband, there is a whole page where I was asking God for a two bedroomed house where I would live with my daughter, I prayed for a fridge, prayed for clear path in ministry, I prayed for good health. Today I spent time ticking, some of those things I had prayed for desperately. It was major. God answered all prayers I made in 2014. He said ‘Yes’, He said ‘Wait’, He said ‘No’ which all worked for my good. I sat on my bed and wondered why I did not make my vision bigger, why I limited God. Then I remembered that at that time, even those requests seemed impossible. It gave me courage to ask for the impossible. I took this year’s book, opened the next page, and made declarations and prayers. I cannot wait for the year 2030, because I have faith that I will tick, and thank God for what He will do exactly how I am asking, for the things he will say no to, and for the things he will do in bigger ways than I wrote.

Habakkuk 2:2 ‘Then the LORD replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. My friend, write them down. Say it out loud. You do not need 100% faith. Even if your faith is as small as a mustard seed, you can speak to mountains and they will move. God is faithful, He fulfills. He hears. At the proper time, He will make everything beautiful. Don’t shy away from dreaming big, don’t hesitate because of the mistakes you have made, because of the life you have been living. Nothing will ever separate you from God’s love. He does not give us because we deserve, He gives us because He loves us.  Nothing limits our faithful God.


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