Why we ate bitter groundnuts


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Quarantine has made us couch potatoes, always watching something while munching a snack. So yesterday, we had a few hours of television and I thought groundnuts would go along just fine. One bite, and I realized some strange bitterness, I kept eating them one after another, still finding them bitter. I thought something was wrong with my taste buds so I told my daughter to take some and tell me if she tasted any bitterness. She also said they were bitter and went for some water. Ladies and gentlemen, because we had really craved for groundnuts, the bitterness did not stop us, we kept eating while complaining of the taste and in a few minutes the tin was empty. Our hope was that ‘the next one will be okay.’ When I asked my daughter why she kept eating, she said, ‘they were bitter but I just couldn’t stop because they are sweet.’ That statement did not make sense at all.

A few minutes later I was on my Facebook inbox and someone told me that they were struggling with fornication, that they knew it was wrong but it just felt good. As we were chatting, I remembered our groundnuts, it felt good even though it left us with a bitter taste. The best thing to do was to throw them away because we could have gotten sick, but instead, knowing fully well that something wasn’t right, we kept eating. Why was it so hard to let go and look for something else? Yes, we had other options, but we really wanted groundnuts. Is that how we sometimes play around with sin? Holding on to it, because it feels good in the moment and we crave for it even when we know it will ruin us? Do we sometimes think, ‘oh, now that I have come all the way to his house, why not sleep with him and then I will never come back again’ instead of ‘I have made a mistake of coming this far, let me run back home before it is too late’

I also remembered Paul’s sentiments; ‘For what I am doing, I do not understand; for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but I am doing the very thing I hate.’ (Romans 7”15)  Sin entices us, even when we fully understand some consequences of disobedience; satan fools us to believe that it won’t be that bad. Just keep eating the groundnuts, something good will come out of it: Well, nothing good comes out of sin. No matter how much we sugar coat sin trying to justify why we should do it, no matter how harmless it appears, it leads to death. (Romans 6:23)

Maybe you are eating rotten groundnuts right now, you already tasted the bitterness but you are trying to ignore. You have even called a friend to taste and you both agree that they are bitter BUT TOO ENTICING TO STOP. Maybe you are halfway, or you only have a few pieces left. Please stop. The best time to throw them away is now. It is not easy, it maybe against your feelings and cravings, it may cause some heartbreak, you may lose some money while at it. But at the end you will have honoured God. He does not put to shame them that Honour Him. You have been spending nights in that house knowing well that it is wrong, don’t wait till corona is over, move out now. You have been lying, gossiping, stealing or committing any other sin, drop it today. There’s is never a perfect time to do wrong.

(I think you need to know that one of us had a very bad stomachache from eating the bitter groundnuts.)

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