Why I Wasn’t Happy

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At first I thought that I would find true joy after completing my primary school education. It did not happen, because I came across physics and biology in high school. The mathematics was also more challenging. So I started dreaming again, that I will be the happiest human being after completing my high school. It got worse, so much of life happened that I thought I was happier in High school. University happened too, and for four years I thought the world is waiting for me to graduate, all media houses are waiting to hire me and the things I am just about to do will transform the universe. That would make me happy. Oh, no one noticed me after graduation; I joined the list of the millions who were educated but unemployed.

The happiness dream did not end there, it became bigger. I started thinking that if only I had a job, then I would be happy. Thank God, after a year I got one, a good one. But there was still something missing. I loved my job, enjoyed most moments but still, I needed something more to be happy. The joy was not long lasting. I started praying for a husband, so that I become happy like the married women I saw. If I was making an audio of today’s devotion, I would laugh out loud at this point. Because marriage is not a source of happiness, actually marriage is a lot of work and not all days are the same, not all hours are the same and sometimes not all minutes are the same. One moment you are extremely happy, the next you are trying to figure out how you found yourself married. Marriage is a very good thing, no regrets at all. But it is not a source of happiness.

I am I the only one? Have you been disappointed in a similar manner? Maybe you thought building a house would make you happy. Maybe it was a car. Maybe it’s having a family. Maybe it’s advancing in education, maybe starting a business, or a promotion in your career; maybe it’s even starting a ministry. All these goals are valid, great dreams and visions. I have nothing against them. I still have dreams and ambitions, but not as my source of joy.  Back to your dreams, if your aim of fulfilling these dreams is to find joy and happiness, then you will be disappointed. Because there will always be something else, another dream, with the same promise of happiness and joy.

So what? Does it mean we can never experience true joy? No. First let’s distinguish between the two. Joy is an attitude of the heart. It more consistent and is cultivated internally. Happiness is an emotion that is often externally triggered and is based on other people, things, places, thoughts and events. So I was looking for happiness, which is temporary, instead of joy which lasts longer. The more I got disappointed by happiness the more I pushed joy away. Until I found out where true joy is found; in trusting the Lord and being content with what you have and where you are. (Proverbs 16:20) As we trust in the Lord, He fills us with joy. (Romans 15:13) True joy is found only in Christ. His joy is our strength. Don’t waste today thinking about acquiring something that will give you joy tomorrow. You can find joy today, where you are, in Christ, Seek Him. Live for Him. Love Him. Trust Him. All these other things will be added unto you, you will not find joy in them, because your joy will be full in Christ.

Choose Joy. In Christ alone.


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