Why Did I Laugh?


She left me in the kitchen and went to her room. For no reason at all. She never even announced what she was going to do as she usually does. A few minutes later I hear strange noises, as though boxes were falling ( Yes, we also have boxes of things we think are so important but we never use, and we are not throwing them away). I walked to her door and knocked (I was told to start knocking because ‘one day I will see what I am not supposed to see) She quickly locked the door and told me to be patient she is making me something that will change my life. Okay! Great! Cant wait! thought cooking time is our bonding time, but if its invention time, well and good.

She then came back and told me to close my eyes, Oooh, this things do happen in real life! Part of me knew it was a trick and if I am not careful I might end up chewing a cockroach. She might also be tricking me into closing my eyes so that she puts green food colour in my rice. ( She always wants to do this, says its turning carbohydrates into vitamins) Finally after calming down, I managed to stay composed and wait for the countdown then open my eyes.

Lets just keep my eyes closed. Because immediately I opened them, I made a huge mistake. Where was that motherly instinct? Where was my brain? Why didn’t I spend this time, eyes closed thinking of how God gave me such a blessing in her. Why was I thinking so negatively, why do I think she is always up to no good. If I could re-live this day, I would rather have stayed with my eyes closed than do what I did. So Rawder, what exactly happened?

I opened my eyes and saw a bottle that had been cut, I immediately burst into laughter. I couldn’t figure out what that was, I was laughing hilariously as she tried explaining what it was. Looking back I don’t see anything funny. But I did laugh. So hard. I cried laughing. I was laughing at that cut bottle, I was expecting her to join me in laughing and then later on explain the joke behind it. But no, as I struggled to hold back tears of joy, I heard the door bang! She was mad! why?

I started knocking and begging her to open the door and forgive me. I tried my best, she did not open. I called her she dint pick her phone. Texted, she did not reply. I made a few promises that I cannot remember, all in vain. I reminded her that she is supposed to eat and shower. Hey, people, I was speaking to my walls. I was sorry, but what for? What was that? How was I expected to react? Why did she cut the bottle?

After a few more minutes she came out. so sad. I served her food and we sat together watching ‘zootopia’ for the hundredth time. Then I pleaded to know what that was, and why she gave me. The girl looked at me and explained how she saw me struggle putting salt in the salt shaker, and they had learnt how to make work easier in school, so she made me a funnel. All she wanted was to help me stop wasting salt. I have never lacked what to say. I wanted to carry her and buy her the entire snacks segment in the supermarket. But nothing could undo what I had done,  wanted to cook her green rice but couldn’t. All I could do was apologize, appreciate the gift and look for a special place to keep my new funnel.

I was so embarrassed, that feeling was bad! I haven’t recovered. I learnt two life lessons. ‘Think before you laugh!’ and ‘Never despise/mock your child’s effort’. My response to her effort means so much!



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