Why are you celebrating?

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Happy Easter to you: Indeed Jesus is Alive. Today I have woken up to text messages from friends and family, declaring the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The streets of social media are also filled with shouts of victory. Yes it is a celebration that death has lost its grip just as Jesus had assured His disciples. This year’s celebration is different because of the lockdown in many parts of the world, but it is still evident that Easter has not been canceled. In fact it is a more reflective one, we can all think about what Jesus did on the cross without being distracted by the noise from parties and friends. Normally this would be a noisy long weekend, a break from work. Sometimes reduced to a meaningless party, but now, since all the days are the same for most people, it remains to be relevant to only those who know the true meaning of Easter.

If we truly believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus then we should live like it all the days of our lives. It is ironical to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus then dismiss His presence for the rest of the year. Declare freedom today then spend the rest of our days living like prisoners. That is the definition of an Easter gatecrasher. Those who have no idea what is going on, just seen a poster written ‘Birthday Party’ they walk in, no invite or ticket, have a great time, eat and make merry with strangers then head back home without even knowing whose party it was. It also points at those who are good at faking a close friendship, so that they crash into the party, with a little understanding of what is going on, but once the party is over, there’s no communication till the next party.

Today is a great day to know where you belong. Why are you celebrating? Do you fully understand the depth of the ‘happy Easter’ and ‘He is risen’ messages that you are sending. Good for you, if you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior and this season is making so much sense to you, because it is the basis of your freedom and salvation. Again, good for you! It’s now time to tell others about Jesus. But if when the music and celebration fades away you have no relationship, no communication, no understanding of what just happened, then there is a problem. When Jesus comes again, you cannot gatecrash into heaven. There you will need a ticket, that which is found in John 3:16 ‘whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.’ It is only for those who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour, as the way the truth and the life. Give your life to Jesus today. It is more than a one hour party; it is a lifetime of freedom.

Remember, Jesus is not only the reason for this season. He is the reason why we are alive. He gave His all on the cross so that we may live. Why choose death?


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