Who Made You a Marriage Expert?

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When my husband and I began our YouTube program on marriage ’50 Years of Marriage’ we were faced with a lot of opposition. Some of the people we shared the vision with quickly asked, ‘How long have you been married?’ at that time we were only months in marriage, eight months to be precise. That confession would be followed by a sarcastic laugh and a ‘you know nothing about marriage’ I would then go on explaining that we are not the ones giving advice but hosting married women to share their experiences.  To some, that explanation was not enough, they kept wondering why we chose to talk about marriage yet we were still on honeymoon. I was advised to stick to my lane in the children’s ministry, but I knew parenting was a great part of a child’s well-being. Amidst discouragement here and there, the show kicked off and is currently on its 12th episode. To God be the glory.

The doubts did not stop there, in fact, sometimes I doubt myself. I give myself reasons why the show is not working. We have faced many challenges in the production and execution of the show and at times I feel they represent reasons to quit. But God sends people from all over the word to assure us that something good is coming out of it. One lady once sent me a message saying that she was planning to harm her husband but after watching the show she was reminded of her commitment to her marriage. Another one confessed that she had vowed never to get married but now she has a reason to. Many men watch as well, and say the show helps them understand their wives. The stories of transformation and restoration that come from the audience assure us that it is not in vain. We may not have any information to give about marriage as some say, but we can still be used to heal the marriages around us. As long as we go forward in the name of the Lord, with the little we have, as ‘small’ as we are.

I’m reminded of the discouragement David faced just before killing Goliath, he had just been sent to take food to his brothers; he was not to go and kill anyone. He was not to go and give any expert advice on how to fight the enemy. In fact he was not known by Saul. His brother Eliab had already dismissed Him ‘Why have you come down here? And with whom did you leave those few sheep in the desert?’ in other words, ‘Young man, stick to your lane’ But things turned around so fast, in the end the little boy David killed goliath the ‘uncircumcised philistine who was defying the armies of the living God’ The one armies were running away from in great fear was brought down by a stone In the name of God Almighty.

You may not be an expert, people may not believe in you. Your intentions may be questioned, But just like David, go in the name of God Almighty. The giant will be slain. The assignment may be difficult; you may not have enough resources and support. You may not know where to begin, maybe you just came to bring food, but God has opened your eyes to see the next assignment, God has given you confidence to face the giant, go for it. Don’t allow people to dress you with their tunics, coats of armour and bronze helmets, go with what you have, go with your five stones and GO IN THE NAME OF THE LORD ALMIGHTY.


7 thoughts on “Who Made You a Marriage Expert?

  1. Amen Rawder, and just like Nathaniel asked can anything good come out from Nazareth, the same Nathaniel confessed so God has your back when God says go, last year got invitation of going to speak in Uganda I asked myself different questions because here the ministry iam known in wacha nisitaje, miraculously God ooened, provided finances went ministered plus na wachungaji so when it’s God go the race is not swift, and kingdom of God suffers violence and violent take it by force. Napenda jamii yako bure always used my bundles to watch you.

    1. Keep up doing what the LORD is directing you to do. Distractions will always be there but overcome then by the truth of Christ in you. God is with you.

  2. I have been following 50 years of marriage, and i have gotten so much knowledge even as I get ready for marriage, hoping after this we’ll have one for men, and couples, keep doing what you are doing, it’s very inspirational

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