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A few months ago we hosted some relatives; I should first tell you that I still love hard copy photo albums. Yes my phone is full of photos but theres something about printing them out and having albums in the living room to entertain guests. (Also because sometimes when I give some people my phone to see a particular photo, they start scrolling to see more! That is very bad manners.) So hard copy photo albums it is!! Back to my guests..so on this day, one of the guests who just got to know my family was going through some photos we took immediately after our wedding. At one point, he looked at his wife asking ‘Who is this?’ While pointing at the gorgeous girl my husband was holding.

We all burst out in laughter. If you don’t know me, I have to update you: Since I got married, God spoke life into my bones and the flesh appeared. Wait, when this was happening, I had shaved my hair and looked totally different. So he genuinely wondered who the lady on the photos was. After the laughter I was a bit offended. But honestly, the metamorphosis is too conspicuous.

I strongly believe that the people who knew us before we got saved should have the same reaction when they see us now. The change should be evident and conspicuous. Please don’t throw the ‘God changes the heart’ card here. Because once the heart is changed, it shows in the physical. Theres a Kenyan musician who used to sing secular music (again, not the time to start defining what secular is) then she got born again and now sings gospel music. Every time I see her on social media, I ask ‘Who is this?’ Everything about her is different. She is 100% all in! Her dressing, her speech, her sermons, her conduct; everything changed.

I believe that one way for us to win souls to Christ is by being the true salt of the earth and light of the world. That the God in us makes us better people in our society, peace makers, joy bringers, loving, gentle, caring, patient, kind and exercising self control.

Is there evidence in your life that you are born again? Do the people around you keep wondering ‘WHO IS THIS? She speaks with so much gentleness. She is so loving. He is so patient. He is so caring. She no longer uses curse words. She watches godly content. He stopped singing abusive songs. He stopped hanging out with the wrong crowd. She now goes to church. He is so respectful. Well, what do they say about your ‘after’? Is there evidence that you are born again? Did you make the prayer and went back to your daily routine and habits? To your old self?

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! ” 2 Corinthians 5:17

May the Lord help us be a reflection of the new that is here!

~ Selah

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