Who Do You Imitate?

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Every time I get a chance to spend with children, I take it fully. For many reasons, one of them being getting to learn, as young as they may be children come with lessons, they have taught me to let go, they have taught me to smile with tears on my face they have taught me to laugh and play with strangers, they have taught me to embrace people of all colour and status, they have taught me honesty. I have had a great share of children ministry so the list of lessons can be longer. One thing that always stands out is that they imitate their parents, in speech, gestures, values and even sometimes in tone. I would do well in matching children to their parents if given some time to spend with them separately.

Growing up I watched my parents do specific things, I watched their system, how it worked. I did not know I’m picking up some things until now. I find myself doing things my mum used to do like hoarding empty bottles (always thinking I might one day need all off them) the style of cooking, taking tea at night before sleeping, reading, responding to noisy neighbours, (This is a whole other article) serving my husband first, before the children and prior planning. My mom plans for the entire week’s dinner at once. From my dad, one thing that stands out is being neat and organized, that is one I keep saying, ‘this one I got from my dad. I also learnt to say yes to the children and let them be children, he did that a lot. He taught me to take care of my responsibilities without compromise, and to live within my means.

I know I would write so much more on what I have imitated from my parents; this is because I spent so much time with them. If I was raised by anyone else, I think I would imitate them. Some behaviors are picked consciously and others unconsciously just because you are spending time with someone. This means we should be very intentional on who we are spending our time with, because as time goes by we will start looking like them, behaving like them, speaking like them and upholding the same values as them. Wait, what if we spent more time with God? Does it mean we will be like Him?

Very true: Reading Ephesians 5, about being children of the light, the very beginning of the chapter, the Bible says that we should imitate God. ‘Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children. Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ.’ If you are struggling in imitating Christ, please go back to the first and second paragraph. The secret is in spending time with Him, seeking His face, reading His word, going for fellowship and spending time in prayer. You may not know it but even strangers will. Like Peter, it will be evident that even your walk is like that of Jesus. Peter spent time with Jesus, and when he was denying Him, strangers knew he was lying. In Matthew 26:73 the people around him said ‘your accent gives you away’

Would you like to be Peter? To be recognized as a Christian everywhere you go? Then follow Jesus. Spend quality time with Him. It will show.

May God help us all.


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