Who Are We?

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Have you ever learnt about the stages of dating? Some experts have come up with four and some have five.  Maybe you have gone through the stages without even knowing them, or in some cases, the relationship ended before getting to the next stage. The first stage is the initial meeting, then next comes curiosity and interest, if the two people like what they come to know, they move on to the enlightenment stage where they become a couple and thereafter to the commitment stage. As I said, not all relationships grow through all the four stages, others never even make it to the second, which is okay, the most dangerous place to be is to be stuck at the third stage, spending years as a couple but with no level of commitment.

There is also a danger in rushing through a stage, when you rush to commitment before the enlightenment stage where people are supposed to know each other, it may result into chaos. No one likes being stagnant, especially in a relationship, we all love growth, even when it is not necessarily moving to the next stage, it is good to grow. When there is no growth, people are forced to ask that disturbing question, ‘Who are we?’ or ‘what are we?’ For the ladies I have spoken to, this is a desperate question; this is why. You are very close to a guy, you share every detail of your life with him, you owe him explanations, you are depressed when there are fights, but there is no official commitment. No one knows about the two of you, and he has never asked you out. I can feel the pain even as I write this.

If God was to ask you that question today, ‘Who are we?’ what would your answer be? The fact is that God is more committed to the relationship we have with Him, He is ever present, He will never leave you nor forsake you, He is slow to anger and abounding in love, He is patient and understanding, He never lies, He never forgets, He is faithful even when we are not. He does not give up on us, He is always on time. Then to top everything, He is all powerful and all knowing. What a level of commitment! So when there is a problem in your relationship with God, it is definitely from your end. God has chosen to be your friend, and now it is up to you to accept the friend request and take steps to grow the relationship.

Of course it is ridiculous to compare our earthly relationships with our relationship with God. However, it is also ridiculous that we spend so much time and energy building our relationships here on earth, and do so much less to build our relationship with God. We are okay grieving the Holy Spirit by not playing our part, walking in and out of the relationship whenever we feel like, but we are not okay when our earthly relationships are not working. It is time to make a decision to deliberately work on our relationship with God that it will grow from one level to the next, may we be so uncomfortable with lack of commitment and stagnation that we will do what it takes to move from one stage to the next.

God is willing and ready, but are you?


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