Where is the Fruit?

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In my father’s homestead there are a few mango trees. Please don’t ask me for any mangoes, because we can count the number of mangoes that have sprouted from the tree. Well, there are about four trees, only one produces fruit; lets say three mangoes in a year. To make it worse, the mangoes are not the big sweet ones. Frustrating! The tree I am talking about is right in front of our house. It has been there for a while. Growing up I wanted my dad to cut it down because it was useless. Why was it even there? Where is the fruit? Okay, one good mango a year is not enough! I had seen better! In the neighborhood, there were mango trees that produced so much fruit. Also, the avocados in the same homestead were stealing the show; producing so many avocados that we used to throw them away.

Anyway, let me stop hating on the poor tree. I am all grown up now and every time I go back home to visit my parents, I realize that my father’s car is always packed under that mango tree. If not, one of the cows is always lying under the tree. When a visitor walks in for a quick conversation with dad, they stand under that tree. Actually that tree is the only cool outdoor place in our home. Could it be that its fruit is the shade it provides? Could it be that the mango tree is actually useful; achieving its goal! Yet I have been expecting another type of fruit? Could I be the problem?

Many times we look at the people around us, in the church, in our families and get disappointed because we cannot see the fruit we expect. Year in year out, they are not turning out the way we expect. We point fingers and complain because we cannot see what we want to see. Yet, they are achieving their goals in a different way. That child who is not doing well in class could be doing so great in sports. That husband who is not helping with house chores could be good in managing the family investments. That sister who did not send any money to help with your wedding plans could be the one who welcomed all guests with a smile. Stop complaining that the mangoes are not big enough, maybe they were created to provide a shade.

Maybe you are looking at yourself wondering ‘its mid year already! Where is the fruit? You may not see the fruit in the bank account but you have impacted lives, you have encouraged and prayed for someone, you have grown in wisdom and character. You may not see the fruit in your 2022 resolutions but you may have achieved some goals you had not even written down. You may not have received everything you prayed for, but look at the many things you have that you did note even prayed for. Look closely; there is fruit.

Every time I feel fruitless, I am encouraged through Matthew 7:18-20 “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.  Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them.” My work is to work on being a good tree. The fruits will come either way, whether there will be a mango fruit, a shade, or a place to tie the cow’s rope, the fruits will show up as long as the tree is good.

Today, focus on being a good tree. It may take years but your fruits will be seen. They may not be the expected ones, but every good tree produces fruits. Rejoice, stay hopeful: There is fruit.


4 thoughts on “Where is the Fruit?

  1. An encouraging read indeed. Focusing on being a good ‘tree’ for God’s glory. Thank you Rawder

  2. Wow! What an encouragement. One day the wife of my boss told me that I have not produced any fruits. Being a teacher I looked at the children I have supported and joined good high Schools. I just cheered myself up. Am strengthened with these words of wisdom. Blessings

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