Where Do I Start?

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Its mid-year, the 183rd day of the year and we have 183 days left. I am seated on this bed perplexed that I made it this far. In the beginning of the year, I told my husband that I miss writing devotions, when I was on radio, I used to share daily devotions and I loved the sessions. He asked me if I was doing them for radio, or it was part of what God wanted me to do? I then realized that it is in me, I love sharing God’s word, I love encouraging and praying for people, why was I confining myself to radio, yet I can still write and post on my website? He then gave me the name ‘Treasured Truth’ and I started writing daily devotions. My desire was and still is to write one devotional till the last day of this year. For me to have made it to day 183 is a milestone.

There are many nights and mornings when I have doubted everything, asking myself, do people even read my articles? Do I really have to do this? Then there are days I am very tired and weary, but I still find myself writing, God still gives me the grace and the word for the day. My part is to sit up, pick my laptop and open a word document. (Of course there is a lot of treading of the word, that’s my greatest inspiration) At times people ask me if I get paid, and I answer that my eyes are fixed on the heavenly crown, my desired payment is to be told ‘well done good and faithful servant’ Recently another one asked where I get the energy to be consistent, I told them, I have no other explanation but Jesus, because at times I also shock myself.

Today I am here for you who is asking, ‘Where do I start?’  You want to start a YouTube channel, you want to start an online class, you want to start writing, you want to learn a new skill, you want to start a ministry; whatever it is you need to start, please do it. Start right where you are with what you have. Don’t dismiss your little resources, don’t compare yourself with what others have, focus on what you have in your hands. I never owned a laptop for years, I used to write with pen and paper, I still have my books, I wrote prayers, notes, journals, I wrote about everything, no one read, but that was a training ground for me to start writing online. The more impossible it seems, the bigger the miracle will be. All you need is to believe in yourself, and believe in God. You can, through Christ.

In Moses’ hands it was just a staff, but in God’s hands it turned to a snake. (Exodus 4:2) In the little boy’s hands, it was just two loaves and five fish, but in God’s hands, it was enough food for over five thousand people. (Matthew 14:13-21) The difference is in God’s Hands. So take that gift, that desire, that goal, that talent and place in God’s hands. See Him perform that miracle, experience His grace and love as you serve Him, no matter how small, do not limit what God can do with it.  Start, if possible start now.

May the Lord bless the work of your hands: May He send you help to start!


5 thoughts on “Where Do I Start?

  1. Mirembe Rawder. Thank You so much my dear. I am always blessed. May God grant you more grace to write these inspirations, you are touching peoples lives. Niko ndani ndani ya 50 years of marriage programme. Baraka tele mkhana

  2. Amen.Keep.writing Rawder because your devotions encourage me everyday.
    God increase you .
    I personally always look forward to your devotions.

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