Where Are You Looking?

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Every time someone tells me they are looking for a spouse, or looking for love, I ask them ‘Where are you looking?’ Some say everywhere, others say in church, others say at work, others admit that they don’t know where to look. Well in matters love and relationships, I believe where you are looking matters a lot, it is often determined by what you are looking for. You cannot go looking for building materials in a clothes shop and you cannot go buy meat in a salon. Once you know what you are looking for, it is easier to know where you will find it. Many times people are told to look for spouses in church; at least the probability of finding a godly spouse in church is higher. You cannot describe a proverbs 31 woman and then go look for them in a club and that godly man you are praying for is probably in church. It does not mean that everyone who is in church is godly; it only means that the probability is higher.

Many people who look for love and relationships at the wrong places always end up in regret. I have a personal story concerning this, so please if you are reading this and you are praying for a spouse, look at the right place. For me the right place is not physical, it is spiritual. The right place to look for a spouse is in Christ. Once God directs you and convicts you, then it is easier to connect physically. The closer you are to God, the clearer His voice will be concerning where you should go.

Away from matters relationships, in our lives we are always looking for something, be it hope, be it comfort, be it peace, be it provision, be it healing, be it restoration, be it joy, be it care, the list is endless. At every point we are yearning for some form of fulfillment. Many times we are tempted to look for solutions in the wrong places. At times we think having lots of wealth will give us peace, or maybe getting married will solve every problem in your life, maybe you run to fornication for some form of comfort or abuse drugs so as to find peace, whatever earthly solution you can think of is just but temporary. God is the only permanent solution available.

The woman at the well thought she could quench her thirst by having many men, but Jesus tells her ‘come to me, drink from my cup and you will thirst no more. (John 4:4-42) She, like many of us, was looking for the right thing at the wrong place. The things of this world will not fulfill our hearts desires, they only give us temporary satisfaction and it doesn’t take long till we have the same thirst. When we keep looking at the wrong place we might also end up with counterfeits, that is why we end up saying ‘but I thought I had the best water from the well, why am I thirsty again? I thought it was real!’ Well, look to Jesus. He is found in His word, He is found in the place of prayer, He is found in fellowship, He is found by them who earnestly seek Him.

Where are you looking? Have you fixed your eyes on Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith? Is He your source of joy? Is God’s word your source of wisdom? Yes you have needs, you have desires, you have dreams and you need direction; everyone does, the question is where are you looking? If you are looking to God, then be assured you shall receive. He gives us what we ask for without reproach. He is ready to fulfill our hearts desires as we delight in Him. But if you are not looking to God as your source, every other source is temporary: Where you look matters.


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