Where Are The Intercessors?

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This may sound very strange, but I learnt how to pray for myself by learning to pray for others. Actually, there are times I had to remind myself that I matter too, and after praying for everyone else I should also pray for me. I also discovered the power that is in interceding for others. They don’t have to know, once you know someone is in need, pray for them. If God reminds you of someone, pray for them. I used to have a wall full of sticky notes with people’s names, so anytime I walked in my room I prayed for someone, okay now I have a notebook, marriage happened and it is no longer my room but ours, I cant just turn it into a crafts workshop.

I have been on the receiving end as well, so many times people have told me I have been praying for you, and looking back, I have known it is through those prayers that a breakthrough came forth. You don’t have to be branded an intercessor, or belong to a group of prayer worriers to pray for others. I don’t mean saying ‘I will pray for you’ not even texting other people about the issue and telling them to remember brother so and so. No, I m talking about you being intentional about praying for that particular person. You also don’t have to shout from the rooftops, it will show.

Apart from Jesus being my inspiration for consistent prayer, Daniel stands out as well, Daniel consistently sought the Lord on behalf of others, many peoples lives were rescued through his prayers. He was even repenting on behalf of people , asking God to have mercy on them. (Read Daniel 1:1-21, 9:1-23) He was concerned about what was happening around him and knew that prayer was key. He was intentional about it, it was not a ‘by the way’ he prepared for intercession. The Bible says he set his face to seek the Lord. He was serious about it, the transgressions around him gave him a burden to pray and fast, and God answers his prayers.

One more thing; it is so refreshing to pray for others. From my own experience, if you put others needs first and spend time in interceding for others, God’s glory shines on you. He refreshes you and meets your needs before you even ask. It also takes away any spite, anger, bitterness or grudges you may have against them. You cannot pray for someone daily and keep hating on them, the prayer takes away every hidden spirit that is not of God. So it is not just for them, it is also for you.

How would you feel if someone told you that you are in their prayers every morning? They mention your name and needs to God every day. Well, please be the ‘someone’ and pray for someone.


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