When You Cannot See

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Yesterday I went for a ministry meeting after the church service. I love spending time with the team because we always talk God, talk ministry and then have a lot of fun. Am sorry I will only share the fun part today. I foolishly volunteered myself for a game I knew nothing about. Any time in a group when they ask for a volunteer my hands go up without consulting my head. So my team blindfolded me, I was supposed to follow one’s direction without any physical contact: without my sight.  Even before the game began I felt very uncomfortable. I needed to win, but I doubted if I could without sight. I knew my team mate would give me the right direction but because I couldn’t see, I doubted.

At the end we won; luckily I was on the ladies team (I am not insinuating anything about the men’s team and communication) hahaha. It was challenging stepping into the unkown, trusting a familiar voice, ignoring other voices: yes the room was noisy, it was a competition. But victory felt really nice. Actually after winning, I wanted to play one more time. The rules became easy; just follow instructions. If I have to make five steps, I shouldn’t doubt. If I am to turn left, I shouldn’t ask why. Even when I cannot see, I should trust my instructor and obey.

Sometimes God makes play this game. Where we have to follow Him without knowing exactly where we are going. Our only hope is that He is our guide and He is never wrong. Many times when we pray and ask God for direction, we want to know exactly where He is taking us, why He is taking us there, when He is taking us there, how He will do it and why He is doing it. Most of the time, we get the answers to this questions at the end. Once we are at the destination, we get to know how where why when and where. In the process, we face challenges, we get afraid, we doubt, we ask questions, but we keep moving because God is with us. Even when we cannot see, we should trust God and obey.

It happened to Abraham in Genesis 12 ‘The LORD had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you. “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.’ I would have asked God to first tell me where I was going and then follow it up with the list of blessings. I have never left my house without knowing where I was going, even when taking random walks; I always know at least the options I have. But Abraham followed the instruction. Verse 4 says ‘So Abram went, as the Lord had told him…’ meaning, even when He couldn’t see, He trusted God, and obeyed.

If God has instructed you; the best thing to do is emulate Abraham. God is never wrong. He knows what He is doing. You don’t have to know everything; all you need is to know His voice: If He is your shepherd then you should know His voice. You may not know how the story will end. You may be facing challenges even after obeying Him. It is well. It will all work out for your good.  God is with you, even when you cannot see, trust Him. Obey Him.


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