When The Miracle Doesn’t Happen

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He was living his life so well, healthy and strong. I was not his best friend but we had met in a few occasions. We frequently talked on phone, it was all about ministry. He loved volunteering in church events, he gave his all. One afternoon I was told that he was critically ill in the intensive care unit. I was walking in town praying. I asked God for this one miracle, please Lord, heal my friend. I wasn’t the only one praying. Many of us had formed a prayer chain. I believed that he will rise from that hospital bed and dance for the Lord again. I quoted all the miracles Jesus performed in the Bible and I was sure He will do it for us. But my friend died. The miracle did not happen.

I couldn’t believe it. I was absent minded all the time; he had many reasons to stay alive. He had a family, he had projects coming up. How could he die now? Why did the Lord miss such a great opportunity to glorify Himself? Dint God know how many people would get saved from such a testimony? As I looked at the mourning faces around me, some who had a much closer relationship with him, it was devastating. How could God make us go through this? Yet we asked for a miracle? Do some Bible verses work? We had asked and not received. We trusted in the Lord but He did not grant us what is good. I kept asking myself if God really cares. Maybe, He wanted to perform a bigger miracle by resurrecting him? No. He didn’t, my friend was buried. The miracle did not happen.

Someone told me to read 2 Samuel 12. I did not. I was so much disappointed in God that I did not even want to see my Bible. But the spirit of God kept prompting me, a few days later I was reading the recommended chapter. I saw another miracle not happening. David and Bathsheba’s first child died as a result of their affair. He fasted and prayed but God did not save his child. David acted differently; he did not get mad and question God’s word. Instead he is seen worshipping God after hearing that his child died. David shows his love and commitment to God: He loves God even when things don’t go as he desired.

I love David, He was not perfect, but he taught me a great lesson. God does not abandon us when we mourn, He comforts us. He does not forsake us when tragedy comes. Our human minds cannot fully understand what God allows to happen in our lives, but one thing that should be evident is that He is God at all times. He understands our pain and sorrow. He gives us a peace that the world cannot give. Even when some Bible verses are not making sense, some will still do.

Maybe you are angry because a miracle did not happen. You are as disappointed as I was, trying to lecture God on how He should have acted. Be reminded that nothing changes who God is. Take time and look around you, other miracles are happening. You are alive. God has not forgotten about you. Worship Him in the pain, in the tragedy, in the loss, in the frustration. It is hard, but possible. We don’t have to understand what He does all the time, but we have to praise Him through it all.

Help us Lord, to praise you in the storms.


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