When My Faith Is Weak

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There’s something about me you should know, I can now trust you with my personal issues (We have been doing this for 148 days now). When I am not okay, when my heart is low, I don’t know how to pretend to be fine. My close friends know it and see it all the time, I don’t know how to go on social media praising someone when I know very well we are not in good terms. Yes, my husband gets this 100%. The trick is solving what is disturbing my heart first then it will show physically. I am poor at ‘fake it until you make it’ So many times when I don’t feel like it, there is no problem with ‘it’ the problem is in my heart. I revive my heart first then the rest falls into place. Medics will tell you that you cannot create a pulse without reviving the heart.

In the same way, I have come to learn that works mean nothing without faith. When my faith is weak and I am low spiritually, the worst thing I can do is try keep up with works. Yes, I know faith without action is dead, but works without faith is sin. (Romans 14:23) This is what we should yearn to do, revive our faith then it prompts us into action. Abiding comes before the fruits. When you are weak, the solution is not in trying to bear fruit, the solution is in abiding: Fruits are a result of abiding. That is why I gave up in bearing fruits away from true vine, as a branch I realized I cannot survive on my own. (John15:5)

Today, if you are weak and uncertain, if your faith is dwindling, don’t fake it, don’t force it, just abide. Revive it by going back to the father, revive it by spending time in His word, in prayer and always stay connected to the true vine. When you are connected, then the fruits automatically show, when our faith is revived, the works come automatically. Faking it is exhausting; it is like ignoring the elephant in the room to try focus on a mosquito. So maybe you are having a low spiritual season, your faith is weak, maybe you are not as close as you should be with God, your personal prayers no longer exist, you do not read the word, you are not in any fellowship, but you are still trying to preach to others and bear fruit. Of course God is still using you, but sooner or later it will show.

Your faith will be tested today. Once in a while your faith will grow weak. Don’t fake fruits, go back to the place where it can be renewed and refreshed.


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