When Church Resumes!!

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Remember when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and ‘in-person’ church fellowship was banned? You and I made it through that season. Praise God! We learnt so many lessons, including how fragile life is. Apart from church, schools were also closed and other public places regulated. It was unimaginable, like the world was at a stand still. Do we even talk about buying food in bulk? and tissue? Well, lets not go there, today lets talk about church.

I was personally very devastated! The virtual fellowships were okay but something was missing. I did not want it to be the normal way, meeting virtually, giving electronically, having to prepare our own Holy Communion in the house and sometimes the power going off before the pastor gives instructions. The most challenging part was singing and dancing. No matter how many times we were encouraged to stand up and dance, it did not feel the same. I was used to dancing with people as we made joyful noise. All these while uncertain about everything because the virus seemed to be getting worse.

On the streets of social media, the sentiments among believers were the same. We all missed our Sunday fellowships. Many of us made loud prayers vowing never to take church for granted. We made statements like ‘when church resumes, I will never miss!’, ‘when church resumes I will dance my heart out!’, ‘when church resumes I will be more active in ministry!’, ‘when church resumes I will never be late!’ ‘when church resumes I will always create time to participate in activities’ Remember such declarations? In fact there were memes depicting how we shall dance when church resumes…

In person church resumed. Many churches have yet to record their usual number of members attending church. Some believers have never gone back to church. Some resumed but are still taking fellowship for granted. We forget very fast! All the promises we made faded away and things went back to ‘normal’. We were not to go back to normal, we were to go back with zeal, not taking church for granted ever again. We were to be active in ministry, we were to keep time and participate in church activities. We were to sing out, lift up our hands and dance! I see many of us still finding excuses not to go to church; our lives have become more important once again. Sunday is full of other activities and church does not get priority.

O Lord, forgive us. When we thought the world was coming to an end, we made promises, we asked that you would take away the pandemic so that we go back to church and other fellowships. Then you did, and we were quick to forget. O Lord forgive us. Remind us that as much as we feel safe from COVID -19, our days here on earth are still numbered and we should live each day loving you with all our hearts, minds and souls. I pray for a longing for you, as the deer pants for the waters, may our souls long after you O Lord. May we not forget that very soon we shall face judgment and account for our lives here on earth.

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” Psalm 90:12


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