Whats Your Dress Code?

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Most events I used to go for had dress codes; It feels so bad putting that sentence in past tense, well, it’s been seven months of not attending any event, because of COVID-19. Anyway, those good old days we used to have a dress code for everything, some parties were attended in all white, some weddings had theme colours for the guests, and of course one had to be in that ceremonial look. Not just in events and ceremonies, dress codes are everywhere, at work, most offices would require you to be in official wear, in warehouses you need an overall, in the kitchen you need an apron, going out for a formal dinner you will need a dinner dress or tuxedo, when working out you need sportswear, when swimming you need a swimming costume. The list is endless

Most of us adjust to dress codes to fit in the occasion, weather and environment. We all care about how we dress, knowingly and unconsciously. Once invited to a place, you will hear people ask ‘what should I wear’ before they even know the venue. It would be ridiculous to appear in a swimming pool with a suit, or be found in a cooperate meeting putting on a clown suit, (unless the company deals with clown stuff) You can also tell a lot about someone just by looking at how they are dressed, you can tell their profession, their class, their values, their culture and even their age.

In the same way every Christian has a dress code, stipulated by God Himself. It is not about how short our skirts are, not about the cleavage, not about the colours, but about portraying godliness. Our dress code is humility:  ‘clothe yourselves with humility…’ (1 Peter 5:5-11).  No matter where we are, God commands us to be humble, to always observe modesty and to be careful not to esteem ourselves so highly than we ought to be. God tells us to shun away from pride, because it comes before a fall. He also promises us that when we humble ourselves before Him, He will lift us up.

Today, what are you wearing? Humility is the dress code of God’s children and it looks good on everyone. A Christian who is not clothed in humility is a surgeon who performs surgeries in a swimming costume, or a teacher who comes to class in a wedding gown. It just doesn’t seem right. So if you are a child of God, clothe yourself in the right dress code: Humility. Not false humility to be seen by men, but be humble in your heart and let it reflect on the outside.


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  1. This is the most informative piece I have seen, when most other bloggers writing about this won’t deviate from the accepted doggerel. You have a great writing style, and I will follow you as I enjoy your writing.

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