Whatever It Takes

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I once told you about my other gang, two little friends of mine that I play with all the time. I recently noticed that the four year old boy does everything that his seven year old sister does. She might not know it but at age seven she is already a role model. The boy attributes most of the things he knows to his sister. During my recent visit, I noticed that they were not in a hurry to eat the snacks I had brought them. Normally, they would start munching almost immediately. Being Aunty Rawder, I had to ask what was going on, so the girl explained that they wanted to share the snacks with their neighbors later on, so that she becomes their friend. I explored more, needed to know why the neighbour’s friendship really mattered, she said this ‘ if we become her friends, then we can tell her to stop watching bad cartoons’

Wait, I know that alone would be enough for me to be challenged. But I kept probing; I needed to know how she ensured that her four year old brother would accept to be part of this mission. In my experience, convincing a four year old to forego his favourite snack can be an uphill task.  Apparently, this little girl had allowed the brother to play his favourite games and pick his favourite cartoons, in exchange for her deal, to win over the neighbor. Okay, I don’t know if you are getting this well. In short, a seven year old girl has let go of her favourite cartoon and her snacks, so that she wins over the neigbour to Christ. I also got to know about the bad cartoons and good cartoons they were referring to, all they wanted is for their six year old neighbor to take in godly content.

Maybe you are thinking, this is too much for a seven year old, this work belongs to the parents. The parents should walk over to the neighbours and give them advice concerning cartoons. This is what I thought too, this is how I think sometimes. That it is the pastor’s work, it is the church leadership, it is the elders who ought to; after all we give a lot of money to the church. They should ensure the neigbourhood is clean, they should ensure that widows and widowers are fed; they should ensure that there is plenty for the orphans.

Ephesians 5:16-17 talks about making the most of every opportunity to do God’s will. This seven year old is taking advantage of the opportunity closest to her and making sacrifices. What about you? Is anyone moving closer to Jesus because of the sacrifices you are making? Do you give your time, your resources, your advice, your space, your luxuries away so that one person gets to know about Jesus? In Philippians 3:11, Paul talks about doing ‘whatever it takes’ to live in the fresh newness of life. Are you doing whatever it takes to mentor those looking to you? Are you doing whatever it takes to make sure the people you meet today see the love of Christ?

May God help us all, to be alert to the great commission and do whatever it takes to play our roles.


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