What is on your mind?





I have been asking this question so many times getting the same answer:  ‘NOTHING’. Hey girl, you are female, we never have ‘nothing’ on our minds. Sometimes we have too much we cannot handle! There must be something on your mind. I keep asking until she dodges away and changes the topic, or I get lucky and get answers, like school stuff and friendships stuff.  Other times we find ourselves playing games and we forget that someone was deep in thought.

So the girl sometimes just chills out and I get scared, what could she be thinking about? Is anyone disturbing her? Is she hungry? Is she comfortable? Have I wronged her? Can I just break into that mind and know what’s going on? Sometimes its a very serious face, like she is thinking about her shares in the bank, and what else she wants to invest in. Then at times I catch her smiling on her own, this is cute right? Only that when I was younger, when this happened, I was probably thinking of some boy, or some wink. So let’s not celebrate this smile now.

If I were to throw random guesses, I imagine she is picturing herself in the movie ‘frozen’ and she is somewhat a hero. Or in some concert singing. Like it or not I have also though she is a making a robot to do her chores. I have also looked at her and thought she is thinking about me, how cool I am and how she is never going to boarding school because she will miss me a lot. (This one is just for me, she never even dreams about me) Then I wonder, what if she is worried, about exams, about her friends, about her future, about me, (again, the last one is mine)

It’s easier for grown-ups to have a lot on their minds, because we just have a lot going on. Being a woman, my mind is never empty; I’m always thinking of something, anything! The less I share about that the better. But what about children, what do they think about? A baby deep in thought! It doesn’t make sense at all, they don’t pay bills, don’t cook,  don’t clean, are not in complicated relationships (except some who have been forced by circumstances to do one or all this) Some pictures don’t make sense, like a 5-year-old commenting on political news, or reading a newspaper.  If I found one, I would carry them and throw them in a bouncing castle.

But just like grown ups, life for children is not always in a bouncing castle!They are human beings, with free minds, with hearts and souls. Just like us, sometimes we are absent minded, deep in thought, fun things, serious things, building castles in the air, and at times worried.

What I have come to learn is never to ignore when it doesn’t make sense, and never to give up asking ; to be involved in the mind matters.  When a child sits alone for hours and seems to be disturbed, please don’t ignore. ‘Philippians 4:6 ‘Do not worry about anything…’ was not written exclusively for grown-ups. It was written for everyone, and children can worry too. It is our duty as guardians to be involved, listen and offer help. Above everything, direct them to God, remind them that whatever is on their minds, God knows, and there is nothing that He cannot handle. We should let our kids know that God cares, and they should not be disturbed with God on their side.

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