What is Left

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We are almost ending the year, people are about to start posting their achievements of the year. Some will come in form of testimonies and others will just be show off. Whatever the case, this is the season.

Once upon a time this season got to me, I couldn’t stand all the achievements flooding my timelines. I congratulated people and replied with ‘happy for you’, but I wasn’t happy. They all reminded me how I had achieved ‘nothing’ that year. In fact all my resolutions were unresolved, some I had tried and given up and others I hadn’t touched at all. I spent almost the entire December grumpy and jealous, feeling forgotten, all I was telling God was, ‘Why should I serve you and nothing is happening in my life, the year is over and I have nothing to show!’ But I kept on pushing myself, I held on to the hope that maybe the next year would be better.

Ten days to the end of the year, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I achieved my biggest goal and target. God miraculously did it for me. I repented for doubting, for jealousy, for comparing myself with others, for being mad at God, for almost giving up. That is when I learnt that God is able to use what is left, no matter how small is, whatever you have left is all He needs.

Maybe you are reading this feeling defeated; the mountains are so high, the storms are so heavy and you cant point a finger to what you have achieved this year. Maybe like me, you are reflecting on the things you desired for this year, looking at your resolutions, remembering how you declared ‘2022 is my year!’ All these are making you weary, making you worry, making you feel weak and small. Look, there’s nothing you can do about January right now, there’s nothing you can do about February, you cannot run back to March and make some changes. God does not need those past months to bless you, God can use what is left. How many days are left? Yes, God can use that. How much money is left? Yes, God can use that. How many friends are left? Yes, God can use that. How many opportunities are left? Yes, God can use that. Surrender to Him.

Maybe you desired to grow more in God’s word. The time you are spending worrying and feeling sorry right now can be used to read God’s word. Maybe you desired to learn a new skill, start today! There’s time left, do something with it. Don’t waste this month in a pity party, surrender what is left of 2022 to the Lord and see Him work out a miracle. God is faithful! He has not run out of power, His promises are still true. Trust Him with what is left.

“Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled.” – Joshua 21:45

~ Selah

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