What If?

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Yesterday after my article on ‘Wait’ a mother shared with me her experience, apparently her daughter loves oranges too, but the house is always full of lemons instead. OUCH! It got me thinking, what if the oranges are not there! What if it’s something totally different and even more sour. Babies will always be babies; this mother narrated how her daughter holds on to her feet crying because in her eyes, she has seen oranges but in reality those are lemons. She said that at times she feels like giving her, but her age, the baby wont even understand. So the wailing continues…

It got me thinking about my single friends, sometimes one is sure they have found an orange and are already making plans and praying for God to make every crooked path straight. But there is no path in that direction at all because it is not an orange, it is a lemon! You know, funny enough, oranges and lemons belong to the same fruit family; the rue family. But they are totally different. What if God is saying ‘no’ because you are praying and speaking blessings over a counterfeit? What if you are wailing day and night because you think it’s an orange, you are in love with an orange, but God just wants you to grow first, because once you are mature enough you will be able to differentiate between lemons and oranges? What if? What if you need to ask God for His will and surrender to Him, because He knows what’s good for you?

In Matthew 7:11, the Word of God assures us that as we ask, knock and seek, God will give us whats best. he is more loving and caring than our earthly fathers. “If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” So our work is not pointing at a fruit and claiming it as an orange. Our work is asking for fruit and allowing God to lead us. What if a pineapple is what is most suitable for you?

So today if you are wailing because the orange is not dropping from the tree, wipe your tears and keep praising God. He knows your need for a fruit, and He knows whats best for you. You may be crying for lemons, and because He loves you so much, He says ‘no’. You may be crying for mangoes, and because He knows that they will not be sufficient for you, He says ‘no’ and as we learnt yesterday, you may be crying for oranges but because they are not ready, He says ‘Wait’

I pray that we daily draw closer to God so that we clearly hear Him: And after hearing Him, we be careful to obey and wait on Him. May we be assured that God knows, and He loves us so much to give us snakes when we ask for fish.


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