What Have You Learnt?


One Sunday my daughter asked me the ‘Sunday question’ What did you learn in church? That is my question! It belongs to me, it’s my card, how can she use it against me? It was one of those Sundays that my body was fully in church yet my heart, soul, spirit, mind, were somewhere else, maybe receiving imaginary awards and paying my bills. It happens. I stared at her and faked a lesson because she wouldn’t know anyway. I know you are looking at me awkwardly, let me explain. Have I ever regretted? No. I am her mother, I must have learnt something, she must look up to me. Would I want my mother to fake a lesson to impress me? No. She should be real, children connect better with real people and real cases. I am I a bad mother? No. I am a real one! Let’s go back to my story.

There are three ways she comes back from Sunday school, the three ways mean nothing. Do not be fooled,  she might come back very happy and jumpy but not able to say what she has learnt because she was giggling with her friends throughout the class. Sometimes she comes back gloomy and bored, saying the class was boring and too long, but checking her notebook, there are amazing great lessons written down. There are times she sneaks to a lower class because they give snacks. Then at times, she begs to sit in the main church feeling all grown up.

Every parent desires their children to describe their Sunday school lesson, listing all they learnt and all that happened. It feels bad when you ask a child about her class and nothing comes out, you might wonder what ‘those Sunday school teachers’ are doing. For all those hours? How can our children come out of the class with nothing to say? No story, no lesson, no drama, then it must be boring. Not once or twice, I have found myself thinking that narrowly. One might think I have paid Sunday school fees.

What if someone was to ask her, what has your mother taught you this day? or this week? or maybe this year what have you emulated from your mother? Has the spiritual growth of our children been left to the Sunday school teachers? A doze every Sunday and we expect our children to be strong in Christ. Is there anything parents are deliberately doing concerning their children’s spiritual growth. We are busy Monday to Sunday, but we expect children to speak in tongues because of attending Sunday school every Sunday, or the Sundays we are free. Is Sunday school enough? Amazingly, some still grow very strong just by attending Sunday school classes. But there are those who forget everything they learnt because of the spiritual drought at home.

So the next time I am quick to ask her what she learnt from Sunday school, I also ask myself what I have taught her at home. The next time you expect Sunday school teachers to be thorough, make sure you are thorough as well in giving your children the right Christian foundation. The next time you point a finger at ‘those Sunday school teachers who are not doing enough’ remember the responsibility is yours. They may actually be doing more than you do. Appreciate them.

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  1. Wow,, thank you so much for this I wish my mother would have taught me something like this one but I don’t regret will be there for my children. Love you Rawder.

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