What has He done?

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I recently found myself overwhelmed by God’s goodness: One of those moments that His grace and mercy is almost tangible. I had spent sometime looking around at the blessings around me. Things that were once prayer requests, huge mountains that I thought would never be moved. This was after a day of feeling so frustrated because of the things I am still praying for and waiting on God. So God was redirecting me to what he has already done, and making me realize how faithful He is, How able He is. If He did it before, He can definitely do it again.I went ahead and posted on my social media stories and status, I did not reveal much, all I said was ‘Thank you Jesus’

A number of people had viewed it before I deleted. ‘Okay, why did you delete?’ you may wonder. Because I got tired of peoples guesses of huge things that God must have done to deserve my praise. In a span of five minutes, over ten people had responded with ‘what has He done?’ and I answered with ‘He is good and so faithful. I praise Him for who He is!’ Then some commented with so much disappointment, ‘Oh, I thought you had some big testimony’ After receiving a few of those, I just deleted the post, because sometimes it’s only the star of the story who feels the storyline. Not everyone will ever understand your praise, and trying to explain why you are praising God can be draining.

It however brought me here, thinking about the many times we wait for ‘huge miracles’ to happen before we praise God. In fact sometimes we try arm-twisting God with statements like, ‘if you do this for me, I will forever praise your Name’. We also find ourselves shying off from testifying because the testimony does not sound big or dramatic enough. We then end up only praising God when He does things the way we desire, but when He says ‘no’ or ‘wait’ we get disappointed and veer off.

The Bible is very clear in Psalm 150:6 “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD.” If you are reading this, then you ought to praise the Lord. It doesn’t mater whether things are good or bad, it doesn’t matter whether you feel like it or not, it doesn’t matter whether you are in private or in public. The only thing that matters is ‘do you have breath?’ That is reason enough! When we live with this attitude, we will not sit and wait for that job, for finances, for a spouse, for a child, or for the red sea to part. We shall praise God for who He is: Because that does not change with our moods or circumstances. He is forever worthy of our praise.

Choose to testify today! “Anyone who believes in the Son of God has this testimony in his heart.” (1 John 5:10) And..yes today I am praising God on my status once again. Because I have a testimony and that is big enough! Thank you Jesus!


One thought on “What has He done?

  1. The understanding of who God is, is enough to praise Him always.
    ” There’s a race that we must run, there are victories to be won, Lord give us power, every hour to be true”
    I always look forward to your posts Raw😀.

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