We Have a History

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘past’? For most, it is a reminder of pain and struggle; very few people desire to go back. When giving a testimony, people always want to hear what you were in the past and what you have become now. Most of the time we look at the past as something to run from; we often are told that we are not defined by our past. The Bible also warns us against dwelling in the past. “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.” (Isaiah 43:18) The question today is; if we change our perspective, can something good come out of the past?

Many times I define my friends with our history, my loyalty depends on how far we have come and the hurdles we have overcome together. It is said that difficult times help us define our friends, that is when we know who is able and willing to sacrifice for us. It goes a long way into the future, it helps you be there for others and appreciate that God brought people your way in time of need. So instead of looking back in regret and tears, we look back with thanksgiving. We choose to see the victory over the pain.

No friend can take the place of God in this. The story of my life is filled with pain and struggle, but through it all God’s hand has been upon me. There are days I have wanted to die, wanted to throw in the towel. But God gave me a new hope, He made a way, He caused there to be streams in the desert. So if there’s anything to remember about the past, God’s faithfulness stands out. I trust Him in my present difficulties because we have a history; He has never failed me since I gave my life to Him. He has never abandoned me in my pain, He has never ignored me. This does not mean that it has been smooth; it means without Him in my life, things could have been worse.

The children of Israel had some History with God, they had seen His miracles. God gave them manna from heaven, split the red sea to bring them across safely from the hands of the enemy. He split rocks in the dessert and quenched their thirst. He led them with a cloud by day and a fiery light at night. But they still choose to sin and rebel against Him. They deliberately tested God and spoke against Him, forgetting His faithfulness throughout their journey. They wasted their history for forty years.

Do you have a history with God? Do you have a testimony of His goodness? One thing to keep in mind is that His faithfulness continues from one generation to another, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. So if you have tasted of His goodness, be assured that He will always be good. Hold on to that history you have with His love, with His grace, with His mercy. Be confident in Him who changes not. If there is any painful experience He brought you out from, if there is any miry clay He took you out from, don’t dwell in the pain, don’t dwell in the clay, may the past remind you of His faithfulness. May the past affirm you that He is and will always be faithful.


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