Walk It!

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Are there Bible verses that sting you? Those that you read and feel attacked or ashamed? Well, my friend says all the time she reads the book of proverbs she feels like the fool who is often mentioned. For me, I get goosebumps every time I read Luke 6:46 “Why do you call me Lord, Lord, yet don’t do what I say?”

First I do not do everything God says and second, I don’t know everything He has said in His word. I was once told by my pastor that as long as I am trying my best to obey, and not allowing myself to stay down, then I am good to go. He also added that I don’t need to know everything, what I have read is enough for now. That gave me so much peace! That I should focus on obeying what I already know as I keep knowing.

Many of us focus so much on what we don’t know and forget that it is more than knowing: God wants us to walk it! All the theory without action is useless. James says it is like someone who looks at his face in a mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like. (James 1:23-24) The truth is that walking the talk is never easy, at times we settle for quoting scripture to look good, and to be seen calling God our Lord. But if we want to please Him, we will do what He says: We will walk it! The grace to obey is sufficient.

We live in a society where we show off what we know. Everyone is an expert, even in the church, we are all ‘know it alls’. Knowing is good, that is the way to being set free. I pray that we shall not fall prey to not entering the kingdom of God after knowing so much, just because we did not act on it. I pray that God will give us the wisdom to walk in obedience to what we already know. May we find the grace we need to walk it!


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