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It is always painful to support, train and encourage someone, be there for them through thick and thin then when you need them most, they are nowhere to be seen or found. Have you ever gone through that? Most of us have. It is heartbreaking, giving your all only to be given ‘nothing’ in return. I experienced this during my wedding preparations, there are people I had toiled for during their weddings, but when I informed them about mine, they went mute until after the wedding. It is in our human nature to expect good when we do good, but that is not always the case. In fact, God always surprises us with ‘strangers’ to help us out in our time of need.

It is good Friday, I woke up reading Matthew 26, Jesus and His disciples have had their last supper, Judas has agreed to betray Jesus, Jesus has predicted Peter’s denial: Well a lot is happening in this chapter, some of the last moments Jesus spent with His disciples before his crucifixion. The disciples knew what was going to happen. Jesus had even told them before this day. Wait, you have to remember that the twelve had walked with Jesus, seen Him perform miracles, learnt so many lessons from Him and they had a great relationship. So they are not strangers. From verse 36, Jesus asks them to pray with him, but he keeps finding them asleep. He asks ‘could you not keep watch with me for one hour?’ the third time he asks ‘Are you still sleeping and resting?’

I would expect total cooperation from the disciples this night. The Bible records that Jesus was sorrowful and troubled. The disciples should have been there for him, praying with him and encouraging him. But they chose to sleep, even after three reminders, they were still found asleep. Jesus tells them to watch and pray so that they will not fall into temptation. How could they even find sleep knowing that Jesus was just about to be killed? He even tells them the hour is near. But no, they still fell asleep.

I took some time reading and re reading the chapter, still not understanding why they could afford to sleep. Then the Holy Spirit reminded me that I sleep too. When it is time to watch and pray I have been found a sleep. Many times I have not been spiritually awake, even when trouble looms, I have opted to look for other ways of finding safety other than watching and praying.  Paul tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:6 “Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.” When we sleep we become unaware and insensitive of the things around us. We also become subject to all forms of illusions, we slowly start doubting the reality of God’s existence and the fact that He is coming back soon. A sleeping Christian is a Christian in danger. It is time to arise and stay spiritually alert.

Today Jesus is still commanding us to stay awake. This is a warning against spiritual preoccupation and distraction. We should stop putting our spiritual life at the bottom of your list. Prayer should not be our last option but our priority. We should not lose sight of who God is and our purpose on this earth We have work to do, it is time to get busy on our knees, busy spreading the love of Christ, busy investing in the Kingdom of God. This is a wakeup call. Don’t fall asleep.


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