Waiting is Hard!


She couldn’t wait for one more second, to give me time to unbutton and breastfeed her. We always had to fight, before she could even talk! I want milk and I want it now! Then I started making porridge, and she wanted it hot, I painfully ignored her as she cried, following me until the porridge was at the right temperature for her consumption. She got a burn at two, because she reached out for a chapati on a hot pan. (Don’t ask where I was, lets just talk about her) At times she couldn’t wait to put on all clothes, because she is in a hurry to go, and I had to follow her and dress her in whichever room she will land.

Then we started going places, and she couldn’t wait for me to pay for a lollipop in the supermarket. She wanted to pick things from the shelf and unwrap. I am that lady who paid for eaten goods at the counter. Everyone looks at you wondering why you cannot tame your child, and I look at them wondering why they cant mind their business. In school, sometimes she was so much in a hurry, I had to go back for books, her bag and even homework! Where are you running to? We could go to church and immediately the pastor begins preaching, she wants to go home, at times we had to leave, because of the looks the holy brethren gave me.

So I thought as she grows, she will learn to wait, and since the impatience came naturally, patience will also come naturally. Oh My! I was wrong, we still have those moments when we need things now! I have had my own experience of having to say ‘Stop complaining and just wait’ or ‘ Be calm, it will come’ and sometimes am also not very amused.

Recently, we are in a restaurant and the food is taking long, I cannot do anything about it. I have already asked two times and the waiter has assured us, ‘it will just take a minute.’ Ten minutes later we are still waiting. She starts grumbling, I cannot go to the kitchen and cook the food myself, we just have to wait. I encourage her but her focus is on the other table, wondering why their order was served too fast. The more I look for ways of taking her attention away from the food, she looks for ways of making me agitated too. We ended up not enjoying the food, it was nicely made and presented but we were just mad at the food, the waiters, the cutlery, the people seated next to us and the bill!

Uncooked food is bad for our health, so if we want to be healthy we need to wait patiently until the food is well cooked. Hot porridge will burn your tongue, so wait until it cools. Patience is a great virtue, that needs to be cultivated in our children, that as they grow, they need to know that not everything will come immediately. If you want to enjoy your blessing, wait for it patiently, because it is sweeter when it comes at the right time.

So I keep thinking, is this how I go before God sometimes, asking impatiently, with a sad face because He is not answering, do I at times vent because He is taking too long. Do I walk away and refuse to play my part until He plays His part, my way? Just by observing children, how they act and how we feel about their attitudes, we learn how to be good children. Children of God, who obey and wait patiently for His time.





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  1.  Dear gal, How are you today… just checking see if you are back from leave. Your Denzel was requesting if you could send him some scripts.

    Baraka za Mungu.

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