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I have received so much information on Corona Virus in Kenya. So much that it gives me a headache. On social media, there is a lot of panic, one piece I read talked about how we should brace ourselves for a total lockdown, advising that we should run away from the city as fast as we can. Another one advised that we should stock our homes with food that can last for a few months. I also read about how the virus has been confirmed in three other towns in Kenya. (Fake News) With all this on social media, I have also watched documentaries on corona virus in other countries, and followed the news in Kenya about its spread. Then I have been receiving more information from my parents and relatives in the village, their version of corona; of course they are worried about everyone in Nairobi. In summary, I am surrounded by so many voices.

Did I also mention that there have been prophecies and words from powerful men and women of God? Some saying that the virus does not exist while others are saying that God is destroying the chaff and only the wheat will remain standing. Plus many prophesies that are being sent from one group to another. It is noisy and chaotic. It is so hard to distinguish the truth from the lies. Yet, it is the time every believer needs to focus on God’s voice. We know what media houses are saying, we know what Bill Gates is saying, we know what our family and friends are saying, we know what social media is saying, we know what our pastors are saying, but what is the Lord saying? Is it too noisy for you to hear what the Lord is saying? Then turn off all other voices. That is the lock down that we need.

It is time to listen and believe in the voice of truth. We cannot hear from God when our attention is on twitter all day, tracing trending hash tags. We cannot hear God when our Bibles have been placed aside and articles of fear and despair are what we read all day? Someone once told me that God should not be the last option but the first. Before we know what everyone else is saying, we should begin by prayer and Gods word, so that no matter what the world says, we are already covered by God’s word and His voice will prevail. His sheep know His voice and obey Him (John 10:27) It begins there, are you his sheep? Is He your shepherd? It is very hard to identify His voice amidst the noise if you have no idea how he sounds like. If you are very far from Him it is also hard to hear Him. Move away from other voices, get closer to God. Get to hear his voice clearly and ask for the grace to obey.

Today, you will hear so many things. Some will cause fear and anxiety; some will give you hope and confidence. Choose the voice of truth. Be intentional on the voices you give attention to, the voices you have time to listen to.  Be concerned with what God is saying even in the storms. He is speaking, even in His silence. Only His sheep recognize Him.


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