Growing up, my parents had this special cupboard that was always under lock and key. We were not allowed to touch the valuables inside the cupboards unless we were under instruction and had been trusted with the key. The valuables included sugar, butter, rice, juice, biscuits and any special leftover meal like chapatis or meat. We were allowed to touch everything around the house but not that special cupboard.

One day, we had very bad house odor. We cleaned every part of the house, but the odor did not go away. A few days later, we realized that some food had gone bad inside the cupboard and it affected the entire house.

Today while singing the hymn ‘All to Jesus I Surrender’ I realized that I have my special cupboard, and maybe you do too. This is what I mean, we allow God to be part of 80% or 90% of our lives. We have surrendered most of of our hearts, minds, lives and treasures, but we have a special cupboard with a few untouchables. It is full of things we are compromising, things we think don’t matter, some habits and things we dim too valuable to let go for Jesus.

I am I making sense? Maybe your cupboard has that job, that relationship, that addiction, that possession you are holding you so tightly. Outwardly you are fooling yourself that you are totally sold out to God, but you know very well about the ‘hidden treasures’ You don’t pray about them, you don’t talk about them, you are not willing to expose them, but they are the same things keeping you far from God.

Today, I asked God to take total control of my life and handed Him the key to my cupboard. I realized if I keep it locked and hidden, a bad odor will fill my house, and what I have been trying to hide will be exposed publicly. I pray the same for you too. That you will not hide any ‘valuable’ away from God. That you will surrender all to Jesus, that you will freely give. God is calling us to deny ourselves daily and surrender to Him. There is nothing He cannot handle. You do not need to lock up any untouchables, He can see right through the padlock.

And he said to all, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. (Luke 9:23)


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