Trust Issues

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My daughter has been using the phrase ‘Trust Issues’ a lot this season. She mostly refers to her brother’s behaviour. See, my son hasn’t been around much; I have kept him indoors for a long while. Chances are that if you visit me he wont be so nice to you; you wont hold him, you wont feed him and he might run away from you. Chances rea my daughter will smile and say ‘he has trust issues.’ One time she was trying to feed him, but he insisted on feeding himself. My daughter let him, and said ‘he has trust issues’ In another instance he wouldn’t let us bath him, he just wanted to play with water. Guess what my daughter said…Right! she walked away saying, ‘he has trust issues’ because he doesn’t want anyone touching his body. It comes out so funny, we usually burst out laughing.

This morning I discovered that my husband has started using the phrase too. It occurred to me that instead of doing something about it, we are now justifying the baby’s bad habits and accepting them as ‘normal’. Let the baby make the mess, we cant feed him because he has trust issues, Don’t let that visitor even try hold him, you know he will cry, he has trust issues. We are even laughing at this trust issues and dismissing our responsibility as the adults in the room. Wait, this has to stop. He has to learn and grow.

This got me thinking about my own trust issues. There is a season in my life when I let my past experiences blur me from trusting again. I had major issues trusting men, I was sure that they were all irresponsible and selfish. To make it worse, I wasn’t doing anything to sort the issue. I justified my trust issues that were clothed in bitterness and anger. The issues also affected my trust for God; unconsciously I prayed without believing, I was not so sure that I deserved to be loved, I doubted that God really cares. Thank God for bringing me out of that pit and teaching me to sort my issues,

Trust issues are not normal, they are not something to joke about and swipe away. When you discover that you don’t trust God’s voice, you need to pray for restoration. We are commanded to trust: ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.’ Proverbs 3:5-6. So when we don’t trust the Lord we are trying to manage our own lives, feed ourselves, bath ourselves and hold ourselves, which is impossible. We are His creation, we cannot survive outside Him.

What is causing the trust issues in your life? What is causing you to doubt God’s word? Are you comfortable in your unbelief? Is it because you have been trying to be indoors, by yourself for too long that you are starting to believe that you dnt need God? Today I pray that God will help us sort our trust issues. That we will indeed trust Him with all our hearts. That he will teach us to let go of anything holding us from trusting Him. I pray for total surrender. Concerning our relationships and friendships, I pray that He gives us discernment to know whom to trust an to what extend.

Trust issues are not normal, do something about them. they can be fixed.


5 thoughts on “Trust Issues

  1. Wow what a powerful peace of advice.Thank you for that I will work on my trust issues

  2. This has ministered to me, more so, the phrase below.
    “When you discover that you don’t trust God’s voice, you need to pray for restoration.”

    My prayer is that I will get back to the place where I trust God WHOLLY. God bless you.

  3. “Are you comfortable in your unbelief?” Reminds me of the man who Jesus asked if he wanted to be well but he started to justify his condition instead. I love how your content is always so relatable-simple yet profound. God bless you Rawder.

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