Transport is Ready

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Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘For every mission, there is a provision’? This phrase is always an assurance of God’s provision when we are hesitant to go where He has instructed us to. I have seen God providing for me in miraculous ways when I thought the mission could no longer stand. Yesterday I found myself thinking about Jonah, the runaway prophet.  I have always thought of how convenient it was for him to be swallowed by a fish and spat in Nineveh. I don’t want to imagine how scary it was to be in the stomach of a fish, because I am personally hydrophobic. But the fish was positioned there by God, for His mission to be accomplished. But right before the fish, I saw another convenience.

In Jonah 1:3 , Jonah runs away from the Lord and heads for Tarshish. He went down to Joppa where he found a ship bound for that port, paid the fare and boarded. What a coincidence! My research tells me that Tarshish was far away, and it was not obvious that there was always a ship ready to take you there anytime. So Jonah appeared there at a ‘perfect’ time and also had ready money for fare. Everything worked so well for him to disobey. Who made that provision for His mission to disobey? Satan. He is actually prowling around like a lion looking for someone to devour. He is looking for anyone who is ready to disobey, so that he provides the transport. So every time you decide to disobey, there will always be a boat heading to Tarshish, plus some money in your pocket.

As much as we know that God provides for every mission, we should be alert not to think about disobeying. Satan presents an excuse and a plan unfolds right in front of our eyes and before we know it we find ourselves in the belly of a fish. He entices us with excuses not to serve God. He presents ready boats, distracts us with money, wrong company, websites, movies, gossip, sexual desires, drugs and many other things. He has custom made a distraction for each of us according to our desires. Immediately you start thinking about disobeying, sinning, going away, you will know whom to call and have enough airtime for the call. Immediately you start thinking of running away, Tarshish will come to mind, no matter how far it is you will pay for it and go.

If you decide to run away from God, satan is ready to provide transportation. So please do not make that decision, do not harbor those thoughts. Be alert in the spirit and above all, remember no matter how huge and uncomfortable the assignment seems, ‘For every mission, there is a provision’


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