Toxic People

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It is another ‘toxic people’ season: At the end of each year, social media is often filled with resolution messages. Most people talk about how they are letting go of toxic relationships in their lives. At first, it was a serious resolution and people meant it: But it has now been turned into a meme, we now joke about ‘toxic people’ and make fun of people who are making this resolution.

I tried it, this year, I decided to cut off relationships that were chocking me. Those that derailed me from achieving my goals and living my life freely. It worked! One of my greatest success stories this year is that I have been able to intentionally cultivate real friendships and deliberately cut off time with ‘toxic people’ I mean all types of toxic; those who came and all we did was gossip, those who came and all we did was feel sorry for ourselves, those who came for the ‘popular Rawder’ and not the real Rodah. The decision cost me so much but looking back, I am glad. I feel light and free. I have been able to focus on what is important and move forward.

Who are the three people closest to you? Are they making you more like Jesus or less like Him? As we conclude this year, it is okay to cut off any baggage. Remember, we are not creating enemies, instead, we are taking care of our environment. The fact is, the people we spend the most time with are shaping us. With time we become like them, unknowingly. Peter was accused of being Jesus’ follower because he walked like him and talked like him: As a result of spending time with him. That is why it was so hard for him to deny Jesus. (Luke 22) Paul warns us against toxic people ‘Do not be deceived! “Keeping bad company corrupts good morals.’ (1 Corinthians 15:33)

It does not matter how long the friendship has lasted, it does not matter how much they know about you. If they are pushing you away from Christ, then they need to go. Be intentional about it, it is painful to let go of a friendship, but it is more painful to miss out on your purpose for the sake of friendships. It is not a joke, it is your life at stake.

May the Lord grant us wisdom to be intentional about cultivating godly relationships.


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