Toothpaste Fight!



Congratulations to us! We have something new to argue about! This is real growth my friends. Have you ever been tired of arguing about the same things over and over again,  especially ‘small’ , ‘normal’ , ‘common’, things! So yes, we have outgrown the ‘finish your food’ and ‘ spread your bed’ arguments. In short,  we have stopped fighting about things that wont help us in life, I can now confidently say we are in a serious relationship. So I ask,  why cant she just press the toothpaste from bottom to top and we have the tube looking presentable?

One morning I discover that before brushing my teeth, I have to take some time to make the tube look good, presentable.  I used to do this unconsciously until I decided to take action by submitting my case. As usual in one of our cooking conversations, I ask why she has to be so rude to the toothpaste, why she squeezes it out without order, does she want her own toothpaste? I had planned on this, and wanted to encourage us to be orderly: Orderly means doing things my way! Let me try summarize the response I got, She said ‘ At the end of the day, we will use all the toothpaste, whether we squeeze it uniformly or we smash it. Then she went and took the tube and started proving to me how ‘there is no proper way of squeezing the toothpaste out, ‘it only says , clinically proven relief and daily protection for sensitive teeth’

How do you argue with that, I decided to bring out my record of ‘things she doesn’t do right’ . Toilet seat came up next, and she told me the most important thing bout using the toilet is leaving it clean and not whether the seat should be up or down, she also insisted am the one who does it wrong. Apparently the teacher says the seat should be left up. We spent a few minutes on this topic until we realized we are cooking while talking about toilet matters, so we moved on.

When I was done with my list, I realized she has a list of her own. Top on her list is my singing of Sunday school tunes very early in the morning. She says it is annoying and disturbing.  I don’t do this daily, it just happens once in a while. (We spent some time on this one too, because I never shout, I try my self to keep it down) She also pointed out that sometimes I speak too loud on the phone, and my laughter can be annoying. At this point I served the food and asked her to pray.

We agreed to disagree, we wont always do everything in the same way, but we should not let the minors affect the majors. We should not spend our lives arguing about how to squeeze the toothpaste, and forget to brush our teeth twice a day. But if someone’s habit is distracting, bring it out on the table. I ate so carefully lest am told I chew loudly.



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