Too Good But True

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When are often afraid of offers and deals that seem too good. I have walked into malls and wondered why some products and services are too cheap. Most of these times I have kept off because I always ask myself why? Why are these pants too cheap? are they of low quality? are they torn somewhere? are they over used?

It happens in dating as well, many single people meet ‘almost perfect’ people and they shy away because they appear to be too good. When it looks too good, we tend to think that something is wrong with them. They must be hiding something.

In on our walk of faith, we serve a God who is too good but still true. Many times we wonder why He chose us, why Jesus died on the cross for us; it seems too good! why is this salvation free? Why does God love us unconditionally? whty is He so understanding and caring? why does He keep taking us back even after we have strayed over and over?

Believe it today my friend. God is good all the time. and His goodness is true. His faithfulness continues throughout generations. The word of God says that even when we are faithless, He continues being faithful. ‘No one is good but One, that is, God.’ (Mark 10:18) ‘The Lord is good to all, and His tender mercies are over all His works.’ (Psalm 145:9)

Today don’t doubt His goodness. Everything about God is good and true.


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