Tired of Just Sitting Here

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I have talked about the story of Peter walking on water for so many times. He is still the only one who did that anyway. One of the greatest lessons I have drawn from Matthew 14:22-33 is the power of focusing on Jesus. As long as peter’s eyes were on Jesus, he walked on water. When his focus changed to the storm, he sank. Many times we sink because we shift our focus from Jesus and start looking at the problems and challenges surrounding us. The good news is, even when we are down we can call on Jesus for help and He will stretch his hand out and pull us back up. Peter has always been my star in this portion of scripture, I have woken up many times declaring that I shall be a water walker!

However this morning, I have been thinking about the other disciples who remained terrified in the boat. At first we are told that they were all terrified, but on hearing Jesus’ voice, Peter took the risk. What about the others? I imagine they were watching Peter in fear wondering what would happen. If they lived in our times they would be secretly recording the miracle on their phone in disbelief. I have wondered how it would have look like if all of them walked on water, spectacular! Right? But that was not the case, they watched from the boat and worshiped the Lord at the end of it all. They were no longer saying it was a ghost, instead they said ‘Truly You are the son of man’

When the other disciples told the story, did they ever wish they also took the risk?  I have been asking myself, if I was in the picture, would I be the peter who dared to do the impossible amidst terror and shock or would I cover my face and watch the miracle from the spaces between my fingers? I still have no answer. But chances are that I would cheer Peter on, but not try it myself, because of self-doubt. What if I drown? Especially for me who can’t swim yet. But I am getting tired of celebrating those who take the risk of faith, I am getting tired of watching miracles happen while I sit in the boat. I want to be part of the miracle, not just the one who watches and tells the story. I hope you do too.

The difference between Peter and the other disciples is that Peter believed even before seeing, while the other disciples had to see to believe. Peter walked by faith and not by sight. He trusted Jesus voice even when all they could see was ‘a ghost’. In John 20:29 Jesus says “Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.” Do you believe even when you do not see? Jesus also said “All things are possible to him who believes.”  (Mark 9:23) All we need to do is believe and take the step of faith. Don’t be comfortable sitting in the boat, waiting for things to happen, believe and make things happen. It is possible to them that believe. When you hear God’s voice, the risk is worth taking, get up and walk on water.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King Jr.


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  1. You bring out the lessons so powerfully. Truly I am tired of sitting and watch others take the step of faith while I celebrate them. Dear Lord Jesus , like Peter let me be bold enoug to step out as you lead.

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