Time to Increase the Dosage

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We bought our son some medication when he was born; We are not doctors, but we treated a few fevers and tummy aches. Especially the mother, (This is me trying not to praise myself as if you don’t know ima the mother) you know, the motherly instinct that alerts you straight to the medicine cabinet and miracles follow. So recently I had to give him some syrup, and I found myself giving him the newborn dosage. I was so used to it that I forgot that the little man is now a year old and it was time to increase the dosage. He now has capacity to take more and he actually needs more for faster relief.

It got me thinking of how many times I have stayed on the same dosage even when my years have increased. Imagine walking into a hospital as an adult, and the doctor prescribes children’s cough syrup. Hilarious! right? I might actually feel offended. how old do you think I am? Do I look like a child to you?

That is exactly how it appears spiritually when we have been on the journey of salvation for years, but still stick to the Sunday school dosage. I remember going to church as a very young girl, we would be told a Bible story, write down lessons, recite a memory verse, then given snacks. I looked forward to Sundays because that was the day we would dress up very well go to church to learn about Jesus then get some snacks. The more I grew, the more the snacks reduced and finally disappeared. I also got to learn that Sunday is not the only day one needs to learn about Jesus: Since I have a Bible and the internet, I can learn about Jesus everyday. Well, I also came to learn the hard part; putting it into practice.

The same way a grown up looks ridiculous taking children’s cough syrup, a mature Christian looks ridiculous waiting for the Sunday dosage to learn about Jesus and… not show up when snacks are not provided.  Are you a mature Christian who is ready for solid food? Are you strong enough for solid food? Cough syrup may not work on you. Its time to increase your dose! Grow in your Bible reading, in prayer, in living for Christa nd spreading His love. Hebrews 5:14 says “…But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.”

Reading your Bible once a month and praying nice a year should offend you. You are stronger than that and to maintain yourself and be well nourished you need more. There should be evidence in your walk that you are no longer a baby; and that cough syrup is not helping at all. Get deeper, get stronger. Be intentional about growth. Be bothered with spiritual stagnation.

today I pray that you will intentionally take time to evaluate your spiritual growth. Maybe its time to increase that dosage!


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