This Father’s Day…

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This father’s day is dear to me. First I would like to celebrate my father, my father in law and my husband for being present dads in my life. I also thank God for the many father figures in my life who have mentored me in many ways. If you are reading this and you are a father, this is for you as well. I believe apart from giving gifts, praying and surrendering our fathers to the Lord is very key. Many times we have pointed fingers at fathers for not playing their roles, but how often do we pray for them? This father’s day, I have four prayer points for fathers.

Like Noah, they will cling to God no matter how wicked the society is. That they will bravely carry out their tasks with devotion, no matter how tiring they may be. I pray that our fathers will obey God’s instructions and ignore the ridicule and discouragement that comes their way. Like Noah it will be said of them that they did exactly what God commanded them to do.

Like Abraham they shall walk by faith and not by sight: That they will be willing to surrender all their treasures to God, even if it means giving up what they love most. I pray that they will choose to obey God, and follow Him wherever He commands. Whatever it takes, they will be found waiting upon God’s promises. Even with short comings and when they make mistakes, they will always come back on track in repentance and give it another shot. May they receive the blessings of obedience, may they be expectant of miracles that exceed their imagination and may they live to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives.

Like David, they will be men after God’s own heart: That they will be repentant, humble, faithful and obedient. I pray that they will banish every form of bitterness from their hearts and let go of the past hurt and disappointments. May they will forgive those who hurt them and not carry ill feelings towards them. Our fathers will stand out as true worshippers; their lips will overflow with worship both in private and in public. May they be hardworking and committed to their course and when discouragement creeps, may they learn how to encourage themselves in the Lord. I pray that our fathers will be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

Like Joseph, they will be men of integrity, that they will do all it takes to protect their wives and children. May they cover their families in prayer and take up their role as priests, providers and protectors. As Joseph walked with Mary throughout her pregnancy journey and was present when Jesus was born, I pray for the presence of fathers in our families, that children will get to see, know and learn from their fathers. When they are faced with difficult decisions to make, May they seek guidance and from the Lord. May the Lord show them where to run to, where to hide, where to go and when to be still. May the good deeds of our fathers be seen by all men and may all praises be to our God in heaven.


Happy father’s day. Let us continue praying for our fathers and directing them to our perfect father in heaven.

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