Things That make Her Happy…


When I ask ‘What makes you happy?’ I rarely get an answer. She takes all the time thinking until she gets away. As for me, my list keeps ringing in my mind,  waiting for the person  who will ask how they can make me  happy, and it has been a round for a while. Since I  can’t wait for answers any more , I came up with my list just from observation. After all I am the mother, I should just check the life manual she came with!

  1. Food: If there is a child who has the most weird eating habits, then its my daughter. People! She peels sausages before eating! Yes, I  repeat, She peels sausages before eating! She also mixes ice cream with biscuits!  She can’t take porridge without chapati.  She beheads omena before eating because ‘they will look at her stomach.’ You should see her making  her food look colourful, with beans spread around the rice. Guess what, she is very happy while doing this crazy food adventures. She loves exploring strange looking snacks, so  buying her what she has never seen or tasted makes her really exited. (Don’t get me wrong, vegetables are not snacks)
  2. Friends: She is ‘her true self’ when around her age-mates, especially when they think am not listening or watching. The laughter, the freedom, the relaxation is just amazing. She also loves making fun of me, in the presence of my friends. She would spill all my embarrassing moments and things I made her promise never to tell anyone. I wish I could give examples but I would kill the fun, you have to wait till you meet her when she is in a happy mood.
  3. Alone Time: Last weekend, I had to go run some errands and leave her in the house. She literally chased me, told me I will be late and I should always be punctual. She almost carried my handbag and walked me out. Yes, there are ten year olds who want to be left alone and just do their thing. She says I am noisy and most of the time I disrupt her. Of course its not true, am the most quite person I know. when I finally left her alone, she happily locked the door and waved goodbye,and this was not the first time.
  4. Internet – This is where she disconnects from the world and bonds with the thundermans and other members of her gang. I know she adores her time in the internet. That is why she earlier listed ‘internet’ as a major idol. She loves comedy, I have seen her go through some funny episodes over and over, never seeming to get over them. She has even asked for internet as a price.

So let’s just say I know things that make her happy, the list keeps changing, sometimes she says ‘That season is over’ or ‘Am over that’ then I have to adjust.

Children should not always get what they want, it can be harmful. But as often as possible, make their day. Allow them to be children, in their own weird and sometimes annoying ways. If you dont know how, ask or observe. Go out of your way to make them happy, if they cant find fun and happiness at home, they might find it in bad places.

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