There’s Something for Everyone

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I have been spending so much time connecting with friends and family in this season. On the phone calls and chats most of the time we confess that we are doing nothing. It sounds better in Swahili, we say ‘niko tu’ that literally means ‘I am just there’ A sense of boredom then follows as we talk about the empty feeling of staying at home, our freedom and normal schedules being cut off and the fact that we don’t know what to do. A few days ago after several conversations I started wondering why God has allowed this to happen. Could it be a blessing in disguise? I know it sounds wrong to refer to such a serious pandemic as a blessing, but, what if? What is there’s something more we need to be doing other than social media challenges.

Let’s say the home stay takes two more week, or a month, or two more months? Who knows? What will we have to show? Do we still resume our usual schedules and start complaining how busy and ever tired we are to even pray? Do we still go back to work picking up grudges and bitterness that we have paused because of the pandemic? Will there be any change when this is over and done with? Yes, you may have plans to redecorate your house, do some gardening, spend time with your children, clean every corner of the house, try out different recipes, learn that skill, write that book: Very good, but will there be a change in you? Will your relationship with God have moved to the next level?

I love Joseph’s story in the Bible, He is a good example of using all twists and turns of life to glorify the Lord. There is no way he would have interpreted dreams in prison if he had disconnected with God. He had lost his job, falsely accused and thrown in prison. Even in prison, He thrived; it was actually his stepping stone to being second in command in Egypt. The separation was not in vain. God never separates people from the norm for nothing. There’s is something He is doing.

Back to our case, I don’t think God allowed us to spend more time at home so that we only sleep and watch movies. There’s something that He is doing and we have a role to play. The fact is, God’s purpose will prevail with or without us. He is omnipotent; He knows what He is doing. He knows those who will obey and those who won’t. It would be tragic if He has separated us in this season to do something specific but we do not see it or discern it because we were asleep or caught up in entertainment. God is surely up to something, it will be revealed to those who fear Him. ‘He confides in those who fear Him, and reveals His covenant to them.’ (Daniel 2:22)

If there has ever been a time for us to obey and take specific instructions from the Lord, then it is now. One step of obedience after another, with our eyes fixed on God the author and the finisher of our faith. There’s is an instruction for everyone who cares to listen and obey. There’s more to this social distancing than our eyes can see. It is time to seek the Lord and ask for guidance, for that specific step, for the role you should play in what He is doing. Come to think of it, what if Joseph went to prison and decided to sleep, well, prison is not a place we wish to go to, we are better off because we are home. If our spiritual antennas are intact, we will know how to pray, which dreams to interpret, where to reach out, what passions and talents to explore. There is something specific for everyone. Ask and it shall be revealed to you.

God is doing a new thing, don’t you perceive of it?


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